Student Stories

Media and Visual Arts student, Audric, is fearless when it comes to art! He already has his eyes on the prize when it comes to his future art career.
Programming student, Shaun, is off to achieve his dreams! With a passion for technology, he is not afraid to challenge himself and try out new things.
Game Development student, Kyle, is not afraid to face challenges! He feels relieved and satisfied whenever he finished a hard task. He doesn't consider these as obstacles but as lessons that he gets to learn a lot.
SHS Animation strand student, Ziyi Alvarez, is an exceptional artist who is passionate in her works and ready to learn and enhance her skills in animation.
Bachelor in Multimedia Arts student, Christian, is a passionate filmmaker who is already working towards his goal of becoming a director and cinematographer.
A proud CIIT scholar and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, PJ Pelicano is on a journey to use the skills and opportunities offered by his course to help others.
Krisha is an alumna of CIIT Senior High School who honed her video editing skills in our Media and Visual Arts Strand.
As a second year student in our Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing course, Sophia Mercado is well on her way to achieving her childhood dream of becoming a game developer.

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