Artistic Siblings: The Bermejo Journey from CIIT to Creative Excellence. Meet our CIIT Graduates, Mario and Jane

Meet Jane Maro and Mario Bermejo, a sibling duo who followed their passions on arts. Jane, also known as Chao, the youngest among the siblings, delved into Fine Arts, concentrating on Visual Communication, while Mario, the older sibling, specialized in Multimedia Arts with a focus on Graphic Design. Both are alumni of CIIT, where their studies have set the stage for fruitful careers in their respective fields. 

Chao has become a multimedia artist at 7th Media and has conducted three portraiture workshops at CIIT. Mario, on his part, has carved out his niche as a multimedia artist at Taktyl Studios.

Tracing the Bermejo Siblings’ Artistic Journey 

Their love of painting and drawing began in childhood, with happy memories of watching cartoons and animations such as “A Bug’s Life” and “Toy Story.” Chao shared how she was influenced by her siblings, quietly watching and mimicking them, which eventually grew into a personal love for art. As she matured, her interest shifted towards portraiture and the study of human anatomy. Mario, meanwhile, reminisced about his fascination with old 3D magazines, which he preferred to outdoor play. For Mario and Chao, being exposed to various forms of art from a young age was key, and it was only a matter of time before they realized this was their calling.

As they grew and delved deeper into the art world, they each found their artistic niches. Both Chao and Mario have a longstanding affection for traditional art, particularly enjoying working with wet mediums. Though they have been doing more digital art lately due to the nature of their work, they miss the hands-on experience and the feel of creating something with traditional methods.

The sibling bond between them is also a source of inspiration. Chao admires her brother’s knack for conceptualization and his understanding of color theory. While Mario is impressed by his sister’s technical skills, such as her attention to detail and mastery of form. Beyond each other, they find inspiration in other artists too. Chao is comforted and inspired by the works of Instagram artists like Jovic and Andrew; as both are portrait artists. For Mario, Alphonse Mucha’s unique blend of geometry and softness in his art was a pivotal influence during his childhood.

Of course, both of them have special pieces that they want to share with everyone! Mario created a piece titled “Blank Canvas.” This one stands out as he views it as his annual tribute to traditional art forms. In it, he delves into the intriguing concept that we are, in some ways, canvases for ourselves, creating our narratives intentionally or unconsciously.

Meanwhile, Chao has a self-portrait she made around 2018 or 2019. This piece is dear to her among all her creations, as it reflects her artistic evolution. Unlike her simpler self-portraits in pencil or charcoal, this work showcases her improved skills in intricate detailing and blending colors—something she takes great pride in sharing with everyone

Discovering CIIT

Choosing a college major often involves weighing our parents’ opinions, and sometimes they might not see eye to eye with our choices. But for the Bermejo siblings, this wasn’t an issue. Coming from a family with a strong passion for art and music, where their other three siblings also pursued creative fields like interior and fashion design, they felt at ease sharing their aspirations. For Mario, it was about communicating that their chosen paths were truly what they wanted. Once they did, they received complete support from their parents. 

Mario revealed that their parents were the ones who selected CIIT for their college education. Initially, the decision was based on factors like location and affordability. However, once they visited the campus, they felt it was a welcoming environment that encouraged creative exploration.

As graduates, Mario and Jane are grateful for the valuable lessons they gained at CIIT. The college not only taught them essential skills, such as using software like Photoshop and Illustrator but also equipped them with the confidence and readiness to tackle challenges in their professional careers.

For Mario, in particular, CIIT played a significant role in building his confidence by providing him with the right tools and knowledge.

For students aiming to break into the tech or arts industry, the Bermejo siblings share their insights. Mario emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and utilizing available resources to follow your passion. He highlights the unique experience of working in a field you’re passionate about, rather than treating it merely as a hobby. The challenges are real, but it’s his deep affection for the medium that fuels his drive for excellence and effectiveness in his professional life. Chao advises grabbing opportunities when they arise. If opportunities aren’t immediately available, she suggests making the most of your current situation by learning and growing in it. With time and effort, she believes you will eventually reach where you want to be.

In a family where creativity wasn’t just encouraged but was the essence of everyday life, Chao and Mario didn’t just play with papers and pencils; they were crafting their future one stroke at a time. 

Are you interested to know more about Mario and Jane? Watch their Full Interview here.

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