What is Gamification?

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The wonders that technology brings to our daily lives seem to be endless. It’s part of our learning processes, work lives, and even our leisure times. Also, most firms turn to tech’s vast benefits to help them reach business growth and success. They often use novel schemes to reach and gain a wider audience. Today, online businesses use modern approach …

8 Popular Mobile Game Genres in 2019

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More than a means of entertainment, mobile gaming has since become a way of life for many people from various age groups, surpassing its main target—the youngsters. Today, the advancement in mobile game development has brought an array of mobile game genres suitable for children and adults alike. Top 2019 Mobile Game Genres What are the most popular mobile game …

Pinoy-Made Mobile Games That’ll Make You Proud as a Filipino

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Make the most out of your free time by supporting Pinoy games developed by our very own talented Filipino game developers. To keep you in the loop of the best mobile games, CIIT listed the top local mobile games you must not miss! Top Local Mobile Games to Download If you’re a gamer looking for the top mobile games in …

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Legends: Adventure

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Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd, developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), launched a new Mobile Legends game in the wake of MLBB’s fame. Since there’s a huge demand for fresh, strategic games for players to enjoy, Moonton took the chance and crafted an idle role-playing game (RPG) called Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA). Since its release last July 2019, the …

Everything You Need to Know About Harry Potter Wizards Unite

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Calling all aspiring witches and wizards! You can now join Harry Potter and his friends in their magical adventures in the world of witchcraft and wizardry. Uncover the secrets of Hogwarts through spells and creature encounters. Make your dreams come true with the newest quest game—Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Learn the Basics of Wizards Unite Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is …

Pros and Cons of Mobile Game Development Engines

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Playing video games not only gives you fun but also improves your cognition. The Journal of Neuroscience says playing the same video games for decades may give brain a meaningful stimulation. This involves improvement of memory and fine motor skills. Aside from these, people also play video games to reduce their anxiety and pain. Because of these reasons, and with …

The Trend of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Gaming World

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Today, people get the hang of playing virtual reality games or trending concepts that use augmented reality. The rise of different games that use these kinds of tech-advents upgraded the gaming experience of their users. It’s more than bringing you to another dimension in both the real and digital worlds; the game has stressed the contrasts between virtual reality (VR) …

Top 10 Most-Loved Video Games from the 90s Generation

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Indeed, the fruition of game development spun along the fast-paced trend of technology. Innovations brought thousands of fascinating game development tools and amazing system game makers. With the right choices of career path, anyone can learn how to make unique games that could instantly attract a fuss. However, before the advanced changes in the gaming industry occurred, can you imagine …