Art of Logo Designing and Its Impact to Your Brand

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Make your product or service remarkable by creating your own logo. Discover more about logo designing and how to use it for creating a strong brand. The Power of Logo This is 30th SEA Games logo as presented to the Olympic Council of Asia. As it surfaced the news, netizens gave different reactions and opinions …

Tips to Overcome Creative Block for Aspiring Digital Artists

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It’s just normal for even the most inventive people to experience creative blocks. Unless you have a bottomless pit of ideas (literally and figuratively), you’d get stuck in a rut at least once in your life. However, you don’t need to fret when it happens, since there’s always a way (or two and some more) out of the woods. Especially …

12 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

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In the fast-paced digital art era, graphic design trends come and go. Each year offers ideas that dictate the latest graphic design trends. This creative branch of digital arts spawns graphic design trends every year. In fact, a few trends became outdated after basking in the glory while others stayed for several years. For 2018, graphic designing wipes out “boring” …

Graphic Design Career and Why It’s Worth Taking

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The graphic design industry is one of the most diverse fields an artist could enter. Opportunities are vast. The job outlook gets better as technology continues to rule. Businesses value design because it brands them. In fact, strong designs make them stand out. So, if you’re planning to pursue a graphic design career, these points will convince you to earn …

How to Jumpstart a Fulfilling Career as a Graphic Designer

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Graphic design career is the most wanted venture. Now that K-12 is in full swing, Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) urges students to take courses that lead to in-demand jobs. Aside from graphic design, TESDA pushes students to study paths linked to agriculture, bar tending, and construction to name a few. To succeed in the graphic design field, …

Find out What Graphic Design Jobs Fit You to Career Growth

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The graphic design field serves many careers on your plate. You’re lucky to choose from among the ones under the Multimedia Arts strand that can cater your artistic skills. Today, graphic design jobs are the ad marketing’s crème de la crème. Firms hire graphic designers either to help them increase sales or strengthen a site’s web and print content. If …

Digital Illustration vs. Graphic Design [Infographic]

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Can’t choose between graphic design course and digital illustration course? Before you make up your mind, it’s important to first know the difference of these two courses. You may think they’re similar, but once you’ve read this infographic, you’ll realize they’re completely different in terms of requirements, knowledge, etc. Download a copy of this infographic here. Related Articles: How Five …

Ten Best Jobs for Video and Motion Graphics Majors [Infographic]

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Plan your future right and know what fine jobs await you as a CIIT Philippines’ Multimedia Arts graduate, more so, if your major is video and motion graphics. Great breaks lie in wait for Video and Motion Graphics majors! If you want to earn the best education, trust CIIT-Philippines. Enroll in the country’s top multimedia arts school to learn more! …