Online Courses That Will Keep You Busy This Quarantine

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Are you looking for something worthwhile to do during this quarantine period? This is the perfect time to improve your skills while staying indoors. Beat your boredom with these productive online courses. Read on to know more of these virtual learning sites. Perks of Taking Online Courses Here are the things you’ll be able to enjoy when you enroll in …

Preparing for the New Normal with Online Learning Programs

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The COVID-19 pandemic has heralded the coming of a new normal. And to prepare and adapt to this change, CIIT would like to help and encourage our students to continue their education through our online learning program. We are driven by our belief that pursuing their studies and passion is the best way for these students to be responsible people …

Your Helpful Guide to CIIT Philippines Online School Enrollment

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School enrollment is one of the busiest times of the year for teachers, parents, and students alike. Tedious forms, long queues, and endless hours of waiting are the usual scenes you’ll get during this period. However, these things changed when the global Covid-19 outbreak reached our country. How will we be able to proceed with our daily lives without leaving …

Everything You Need to Know Before Entering an Animation School

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Animated movies have been around since 1906. It has also gone through many forms within the last century. Since then, it’s been used to help tell messages, entertain, push propaganda, and stir thought. That is the power of animation. It has helped shape society and connect people across the globe. True enough, they affect people that some novels and live-action …

Computer Science vs Computer Engineering: Which is Best for You?

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Unlike 20 years ago, computer and information technology (IT) courses today are more diverse and complex. Schools now offer various IT courses and programs for students. No wonder, many students get confused about the right program to take after senior high school. How about you? Are you torn between similar IT courses such as computer science vs computer engineering? Choosing …

Diploma and Degree Programs: Your Quick Guide on Knowing the Differences

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In order to find more career options, many students take higher education. Specifically, this stage of formal learning seeks to expand the knowledge of students while preparing them for their professional field. Students can pursue diploma and degree programs after high school. However, one might ask: What is the difference between the two? Learn more about degree vs diploma programs …

Best Educational YouTube Channels That Will Make Students Smarter

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While you sit and listen to your teacher in your classroom, have you ever talked to yourself—“Wait, I can’t really get this lesson.” We all have experienced that scenario, right? As a student, know there’s always a way to learn and understand things. One popular way is through educational YouTube channels. Are you familiar with these? YouTube is the second …