CIIT’s Senior High Animation Track and Careers That Come with It

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Animation offers a world of magic, fantasy, and creativity. So, if you want to live with these great things, enroll in a k-12 animation track. Below are four more reasons you should think of it. Why Study the K-12 Animation Track 1. Animators are in-demand today. Job demand for Filipino animators still flourishes to this day. According to, 73,700 …

Famous Software Engineers and How to Become Like Them

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Still unsure of what track to take in senior high? If you’re into apps, software, and computer programming, pursuing a senior high school programming track and a computer science course can help you set your career path well. To help you realize what you can become and achieve, below is an infographic of famous software engineers and their gifts to …

How Lucrative Is an Animation Career in the Philippines?

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When matched with other forms of visual art, moving objects attract more attention and better responses from audiences. Hence, the animation industry is on the rise and continues to entice and influence the minds of countless of youngsters and young-at-hearts worldwide. This career, however, has created a tremendous competition that makes hopefuls wonder. Is animation a good career choice? Is …

Multimedia Arts Course: Your Best Option for a Career Shift

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For a professional, a career change can be one of your hardest decisions. However, it can also be the wisest one when you do it for the right reasons. If you’re thinking of the creative field, studying a multimedia specialist program can be your fastest and easiest route. Here’s why and how. Probable Reasons You’re Looking for a Career Change …

5 Reasons to Study Advanced Photography Courses and Go beyond IG

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Photography or the art of taking and processing pictures, according to many online sources, has been a hobby and career for most people. However, as photo-sharing apps such as Instagram or IG continue to upgrade, the difference between pros and hobbyists has become vague. People now teach themselves than enroll in advanced photography courses. Yet, learning it on your own …

Reasons to Convince You to Take Game Development Programs

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Do you love playing online and mobile games like Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Candy Crush, League of Legends, or Defense of the Ancients? They’re fun and addicting, right? But do you know that your passion for gaming can lead you to a well-paid career in the future? Taking up a mobile game development course can make it happen. CIIT …