Why Take a Digital Marketing Course in the Philippines This 2020

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More and more brands are turning online these days. One reason behind this event is the growing force of digital marketing worldwide. As a professional, one way for you to keep up with this rising trend is to enroll in a digital marketing course in the Philippines. Doing this won’t just enhance your skills but will also widen your network. …

5 Soft Skills Students Must Learn to Succeed in Life

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Early in our school days, we learned to read, write, and count. Do you remember when you needed to finish projects on time, ace a spelling test, and report in class? We performed them to hone our skills, so we could figure out the areas to excel. Are you interested in web design or building a mobile app? If yes, …

How Upskilling or Reskilling Your Workforce Benefits Your Organization

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The drastic shift in our economy was marked by the technological revolution that pervades many industries today. It became more evident with the efficiency of communication, particularly with production and operations. However, while most industries take delight in the advent of technology, there are issues with human resources that are often overlooked and forgotten. In line with this comes the …

Turning Passion into Profit: Art Business Ideas for Grads of Multimedia Arts Philippines

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There’s no money in arts. This is the misconception of some people when we talk about choosing art-related courses in college. However, don’t be disheartened by these hearsay. Instead of setting aside your passion, take this remark as a challenge. Use your creativity to start your own business. With this, here are 5 art business ideas for grads of multimedia …

List of In-Demand Senior High School Jobs This 2019

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One of the goals of the K12 program is to help students become job-ready after senior high school. The added years aim to give them basic skills which they could use to land a job. According to Jobstreet Report 2018, “25% of employers are willing to hire K-12 graduates.” Find out which firms offer senior high school jobs this 2019. …

Corporate Training Benefits: Importance of Training and Development Programs

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Some firms view training as a waste of time and money. They think these will not create any impact to their company and will only cause drawbacks. Instead of this, let us look at it positively. If done effectively, these training are worth your investment. Know more about corporate training benefits and why take it. The Power of Training and …

A Glimpse of Software Engineering Career in the Philippines

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As a senior high school (SHS) graduate, you might be struggling to choose the right degree. It is one key decision that needs thorough assessment of various factors. Would you pursue a career related to your SHS strand or not? One of the choices available is a software engineering career. Many opportunities await you as soon as you obtain your …

Top 10 Apps Pinoy Millennials and Gen Z People Can’t Live Without

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If you’re an aspiring digital applications developer or simply interested in mobile app development, knowing the apps for millennials and gen z people is necessary. Why Millennials and Gen Z Are the Vital Target Groups for Mobile Apps? According to shopkick.com and hackernoon.com, marketing to millennials and gen z should focus on mobile app marketing strategies, as mobile is where …

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Become a 3D Animator

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Study.com defines 3D animation as a technical specialty within the graphic arts animation field that generates three-dimensional moving images to take place in a digital environment. It is undeniably among the best innovations that arched up film, TV, and other visual media in the Philippines. This is why becoming a 3D animator doesn’t happen just because you have the ambition …

CIIT’s Senior High Animation Track and Careers That Come with It

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Animation offers a world of magic, fantasy, and creativity. So, if you want to live with these great things, enroll in a k-12 animation track. Below are four more reasons you should think of it. Why Study the K-12 Animation Track 1. Animators are in-demand today. Job demand for Filipino animators still flourishes to this day. According to BLS.gov, 73,700 …