An incoming college student choosing between computer science vs computer engineering

Computer Science vs Computer Engineering: Which is Best for You?

Unlike 20 years ago, computer and information technology (IT) courses today are more diverse and complex. Schools now offer various IT courses and programs for students. No wonder, many students get confused about the right program to take after senior high school. How about you? Are you torn between similar ...
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A ciit student studying about 3d printing in an interactive classroom

Incoming SHS Students’ Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing

The power of 3D Printing is now permeating almost every industry worldwide. Hence, if you’re a student who has a knack for 3D printing, know that there are so many opportunities that await you. As per Statista, the 3D printing market is projected to grow by 21.2% this year. Further, ...
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Learn essential soft skills you will need to succeed in life when you enroll in an arts and technology course

5 Soft Skills Students Must Learn to Succeed in Life

Early in our school days, we learned to read, write, and count. Do you remember when you needed to finish projects on time, ace a spelling test, and report in class? We performed them to hone our skills, so we could figure out the areas to excel. Are you interested ...
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Top 10 game development forums and communities you should not miss

Top 10 Game Development Forums and Communities You Shouldn’t Miss

Ignite your creativity and gain insights from other game creators. Develop fresh and fun mobile games with other game dev experts through online groups. Whether you need answers to your questions or a place to show off your ideas, engaging into groups and forums is a great option. Are you ...
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8 Popular Mobile Game Genres in 2019

More than a means of entertainment, mobile gaming has since become a way of life for many people from various age groups, surpassing its main target—the youngsters. Today, the advancement in mobile game development has brought an array of mobile game genres suitable for children and adults alike. Top 2019 ...
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Colorful gift soaps on a table for the best gifts for artists

6 Unique and Useful Gifts Artists Will Surely Love

Choosing a gift for your artist friend may take you a longer time than expected. You may think it’s easy at first. Because what more can you get them instead of the usual pencil sets, paint, or even the typical drawing book? If you want to give something they’ll remember, ...
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Woman with a Python programming book coding in her Macbook

18 Fun Facts About Python Coding That You Should Know

Do you want to pursue a career in programming? Start feeding your curiosity and master your programming skills as early as now. In fact, many graduating senior high school students like you are showing interest in Python programming language, the fastest-growing coding language today. To help you quickly grasp its ...
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Graphic design trends that will conquer 2020

10 Graphic Design Trends That Will Conquer 2020

In the fast-paced digital art era, graphic design trends come and go. Each year offers ideas that dictate the latest in the digital art world. In fact, a few trends became outdated after basking in the glory, while others stayed for several years. The year 2020 is all about looking ...
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