Web Design vs Web Development: Understanding the Differences

People might think “web design” and “web development” are the same. The contrast is hard to tell now that some web designers have begun coding while web developers began considering site designs. Do you want to know the differences? Here is a detailed comparison between the two fields — web ...
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Video Editing Tricks to Making Professional-Looking Videos

Digital marketing shows no signs of slowing down. The GetCRAFT survey in 2017 reported video as the most effective content among popular formats. This means we need more multimedia artists now and, in the years to come. As an aspiring multimedia artist, you should devote time to sharpen your skill ...
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Mobile Filmmaking Apps: Filmmaking Using Your Phone

8 Must-Have Mobile Filmmaking Apps for K-12 Students

It’s amazing how one device can have various functions. Take smartphones as an example. They can be used for call, text, email, gaming, studying, and—for capturing moments. One way to capture moments is through filmmaking. With the use of smartphones, anyone can practice their filmmaking skills. In this case, mobile ...
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Mobile Game Development Engines for Beginners

Pros and Cons of Mobile Game Development Engines

Playing video games not only gives you fun but also improves your cognition. The Journal of Neuroscience says playing the same video games for decades may give brain a meaningful stimulation. This involves improvement of memory and fine motor skills. Aside from these, people also play video games to reduce ...
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Interesting Books for Senior High School: SHS Students Must-Read Books

9 Interesting Books for Senior High School Students

Whether it’s for leisure or school research, reading is important for you. It is a great way for you to learn new things and figure out your interests. Since reading needs understanding, we get to exercise our minds and lessen the risk of having mental diseases. A study published in ...
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A Glimpse of Software Engineering Career in the Philippines

As a senior high school (SHS) graduate, you might be struggling to choose the right degree. It is one key decision that needs thorough assessment of various factors. Would you pursue a career related to your SHS strand or not? One of the choices available is a software engineering career ...
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Logo designing techniques to master

Art of Logo Designing and Its Impact to Your Brand

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Make your product or service remarkable by creating your own logo. Discover more about logo designing and how to use it for creating a strong brand. The Power of Logo Image Source: The 30th Sea Games – Clark 2019 Facebook Page This is 30th SEA ...
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Web Design Color Schemes for Students and Professionals

Web Design Color Schemes You Should Master in School

Aside from texts and images, colors play a vital role in a website. Unfortunately, not all web designers are good at choosing the perfect colors which causes a bad layout. Whether you’re a web design pro or a student, you must know these things well. Altogether, let’s review the web design color ...
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