tools for advanced photography courses

5 Reasons to Study Advanced Photography Courses and Go beyond IG

Photography or the art of taking and processing pictures, according to many online sources, has been a hobby and career for most people. However, as photo-sharing apps such as Instagram or IG continue to upgrade, the difference between pros and hobbyists has become vague. People now teach themselves than enroll ...
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2018 visual trends list

Visual Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2018

As 2017 ends, we also say bye to millennial pink, greenery, and authentic branding that ruled the  year's artworks. In reaching the first quarter's half, let’s look at more key 2018 visual trends that may rule in the creative field. Thus, check here what’s hot and what’s not in this ...
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practicing multimedia projects at home to hone multimedia skills

Successful Multimedia Arts Career through These Multimedia Skills

Today, Multimedia specialists ensure high demands for practitioners who pursue Multimedia Arts courses. Aside from viable Multimedia jobs, Multimedia courses also provide a fulfilling career. Albeit Multimedia careers equip you with necessary expertise, you must still acquire these Multimedia skills to set you apart from your colleagues. You will need ...
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senior high school graduates holding a bag

What Career Awaits You as You Graduate from Senior High School

As the Philippines shifted from the old high school curriculum to K to 12, the changes have confused parents and incoming high school students. Thus, everyone has to keep up with them and hope for better results. As we expect the 2018 senior high school graduates to move up, the ...
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a girl carrying a bag with earphones just like multimedia arts college students starter pack

Eight Must-Haves for Multimedia Arts College Students

For most Multimedia Arts college students, Multimedia Arts, as cliché as it sounds, is like a roller-coaster ride. Multimedia Arts practitioners brave every road to breathe art superbly. Perhaps, your “artsy” side wants to pull you towards the challenges of Multimedia Arts course. As 2018 unfolded, senior high school ...
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mobile app development

Earn Amazing Rewards through a Mobile App Development Career

Technology makes life simple for people. Today, mobile tech took the world by storm and reshaped ways and lifestyle. It’s like you have your life right at the palm of your hands. You can communicate, play games, buy needs, do business, read books, research, meet friends, set bookings, and do ...
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classroom and tools for k 12 curriculum in the philippines

2018 Review and Updates on the K-12 Curriculum in the Philippines

This year, our government expects the first batch of Senior High School (SHS) to graduate and roll out to college. This batch is also the first to choose whether they’ll continue to study for college or enter the workforce right away. But as this batch prepares to take on the ...
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multimedia arts degree

What to Look Forward to If You Take up a 3D Animation Course

Before, it was only Fine and Traditional Arts. Artists use paintbrushes and canvas, carve on wood, or sculpt marble to create art. But with the dawn of the digital age, computer-aided or Digital Arts have gone mainstream. Artists can now express themselves using computer software. Art has also taken an ...
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