Here’s Why You Should Enroll in a K12 Programming School

Technology is one of the fastest growing basics in today’s digital age. Most industries continue to grow and expand reach through tech advances, which is not surprising at all. The educational system in the Philippines recently switched from the traditional model to K12 system. The goal is to produce a ...
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Pinoy-Made Mobile Games That’ll Make You Proud as a Filipino

Discover the latest in mobile gaming with these fun-to-play apps made by talented Filipino developers. Patronize your own and keep yourself in the loop with these Pinoy-made mobile games that you can download from Google Play. Here’s a compiled list from Rappler, YugaTech, GoodNewsPilipinas, and Ang Pinaka’s YouTube channel. Top ...
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a man holding a camera for special effects and visual effects

Movie Milestones: Special Effects vs. Visual Effects

Do you remember your most favorite film? Did the effects astound you throughout the duration of the movie? Perhaps, the movie special effects and visual effects (VFX) were so amazing that you kept asking yourself “How did they do it?” Perhaps watching movies created by top-grossing directors and respected editors ...
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senior high school travel itinerary of a woman pulling a trolley bag

Navigating Your Way to Animation: The CIIT Way

If you’re going to a new place, you may whisk out your phone, choose between Google Maps and Waze, and off you go. Did you know you could view the CIIT senior high school enrollment in the same way? Instead of consulting a navigation app you like, let this article ...
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playing pokemon go as a part of the lesson examples in mobile game programming course

The Trend of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Gaming World

Today, people get the hang of playing virtual reality games or trending concepts that use augmented reality. The rise of different games that use these kinds of tech-advents upgraded the gaming experience of their users. It’s more than bringing you to another dimension in both the real and digital worlds; ...
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Woman using mobile phone and laptop - apps for millennials

Top 10 Apps Pinoy Millennials and Gen Z People Can’t Live Without

If you’re an aspiring digital applications developer or simply interested in mobile app development, knowing the apps for millennials and gen z people is necessary. Why Millennials and Gen Z Are the Vital Target Groups for Mobile Apps? According to and, marketing to millennials and gen z should ...
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3D Action Figure - 3D animator

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Become a 3D Animator defines 3D animation as a technical specialty within the graphic arts animation field that generates three-dimensional moving images to take place in a digital environment. It is undeniably among the best innovations that arched up film, TV, and other visual media in the Philippines. This is why becoming a ...
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Four Things You Should Know about Tuition Fee Payments at CIIT

People are more practical today. With the high cost of living, each wants to get his or her money’s worth. Thus, in choosing where to study, most people worry about the cost of education rather than the school itself. Today’s tech-advents led huge changes to our current educational system. This ...
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