Simple Ways a Student Like You Can Save the Environment featured image

Simple Ways a Student Like You Can Save the Environment

With environmental problems left and right, it’s easy to get desensitized by the news. Many think that these are the government’s and big organization’s duty to fix. However, this isn’t true. This thinking is even more dangerous. And as young as you are, you can help save the environment. Through ...
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A multimedia course graduate scribbling his creative ideas on his journal

Choosing a Multimedia Arts Major for a More Lucrative Career

Ever wondered how you can produce art while making it your means to earn a living? To help you secure a career in multimedia arts, arm yourself with a rewarding education. With that, take up a multimedia course for a worthwhile journey in this field. Multimedia Arts Subjects and Fields ...
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Diploma and degree program certificate of completion

Diploma and Degree Programs: Your Quick Guide on Knowing the Differences

In order to find more career options, many students take higher education. Specifically, this stage of formal learning seeks to expand the knowledge of students while preparing them for their professional field. Students can pursue diploma and degree programs after high school. However, one might ask: What is the difference ...
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Computer Science Skills to Develop as a Student

Computer Science Guide for Aspiring IT Professionals

If you want to pursue a career in the field of information technology (IT), then you need to equip yourself with computer science skills that can help you grow. While years in school will teach you basic coding and programming skills, training will help you hone them. So to reach ...
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Hand Lettering guide for beginners

A Beginner’s Foolproof Guide to the Art of Hand Lettering

Hand lettering has been on every creative’s plate. We’ve seen artists and aspiring ones alike jumping on it. With a plethora of fonts available on the Internet, hand lettering seems to be a waste of time, but it is how unique, creative, and imaginative an artist can get that makes ...
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Local Mobile Games - CIIT Philippines

Pinoy-Made Mobile Games That’ll Make You Proud as a Filipino

Make the most out of your free time by supporting Pinoy games developed by our very own talented Filipino game developers. To keep you in the loop of the best mobile games, CIIT listed the top local mobile games you must not miss! Top Local Mobile Games to Download If ...
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Hand holding an iPhone to look at the best podcasts

5 Best Podcasts to Make You Smarter

Bored with the old-hat “learning in the classroom” routine? You’re not alone. Believe it or not, boredom is one of the greatest enemies of learning. The reason? When you’re bored out of your wits, your mind wanders, you fall asleep, and… learn nothing. So, if you’re tired of sitting inside ...
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Manga books including best anime series of all time

Best Anime of All Time That Aspiring Artists Should Watch

Carefully sketched visuals and complex storylines combined with great music tracks are the basics of a remarkable anime. Anime is a term coined to define a style of Japanese cartoon or animation. Indeed, it takes excellent skills and grit to produce a complete anime series. Artists shed blood, sweat, and ...
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