Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Program

Entertainment Multimedia Computing Program: In A Nutshell

Are you familiar with Clash of Clans? Were you so thrilled as you build your base and create plans to attack your enemies? At some point, did you wish you could create your own mobile game? If you want to turn your passion into a profession, then CIIT’s Entertainment Multimedia ...
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Mickey Mouse Action Figure - k-12 animation track

CIIT’s Senior High Animation Track and Careers That Come with It

Animation offers a world of magic, fantasy, and creativity. So, if you want to live with these great things, enroll in a k-12 animation track. Below are four more reasons you should think of it. Why Study the K-12 Animation Track 1. Animators are in-demand today. Job demand for Filipino ...
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string of codes - computer science course

Famous Software Engineers and How to Become Like Them

Still unsure of what track to take in senior high? If you’re into apps, software, and computer programming, pursuing a senior high school programming track and a computer science course can help you set your career path well. To help you realize what you can become and achieve, below is ...
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Aerial view of Makati City Philippines where a lot of jobs for senior high school graduates stays

Top Paying Senior High School Jobs for K-12 Graduates This 2018

Graduating from senior high school is a milestone and a great start for the K-12 graduates. Since most industries are still coping with the fast-paced trend of technology, economic growth, and trade, there’s a high demand for skilled graduates like you. Recently, our country produced the first batch of senior ...
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iPad with mobile apps - mobile app developer

Facts Every Aspiring Mobile App Developer Should Know

Do you wish to develop your own mobile app someday? If you do, then you’d better educate yourself with some vital facts related to the field. What does the future hold for an aspiring mobile app developer like you? Find below a quick rundown of the research gathered by CIIT, ...
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Multimedia Arts Workshop: Perks You Should Not Miss

It’s summer! Are you in your room, scrolling through your social media for a long time, looking for a way to occupy your free time? To quote from Disney's Phineas and Ferb, “I know what we’re going to do today!”, instead of watching flicks, or chatting up with friends, why ...
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Ethical Hacking Lock within codes

Ethical Hacking: Your Guide to Ethical Hackers’ Color-Coded Hats

Have you ever experienced having your social media account hacked by a friend as a joke? Did you prank your friend back by taking wacky photos using his phone? At this point, you glimpsed on how hacking functions for fun. While this seems harmless, did you know hacking goes beyond ...
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a man playing a game controller with the 90s video games

Top 10 Most-Loved Video Games from the 90s Generation

Indeed, the fruition of game development spun along the fast-paced trend of technology. Innovations brought thousands of fascinating game development tools and amazing system game makers. With the right choices of career path, anyone can learn how to make unique games that could instantly attract a fuss. However, before the ...
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