Multimedia Arts Philippines Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Turning Passion into Profit: Art Business Ideas for Grads of Multimedia Arts Philippines

There’s no money in arts. This is the misconception of some people when we talk about choosing art-related courses in college. However, don’t be disheartened by these hearsay. Instead of setting aside your passion, take this remark as a challenge. Use your creativity to start your own business. With this, ...
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Mobile Legends Heroes for Newbies

Introducing the Best Mobile Legends Heroes: A Newbie’s Guide in Choosing Their Hero

Mobile Legends has been on the rise for a while now. From its inception until today—Mobile Legends continues to entertain different types of people. Yes, even students are getting hooked in this game. Indeed, it’s quite appealing to try because of its graphics and anime-inspired mobile legends heroes. But apart ...
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Trying out different 3D animation software programs helps you hone your skills in animation and further improve your craft.

8 Best 3D Animation Software for Future Animators

As cliché as it may sound, many professionals say that our skills in a certain field are what make us successful. Although this is true in the vast world of 3D animation, using the finest 3D animation software, however, also adds to the success, brilliance, and quality of the output ...
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CIIT facts that will surprise you

Interesting Facts That Will Make You Fall In Love with CIIT Philippines

CIIT Philippines is one of the best arts and technology schools in the Philippines. Having been around for twelve years now, CIIT continues to grow as a strong family. Their graduates strive to be experts in their respective fields, and their students strengthen their craft. If you are interested to ...
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best money apps for senior high school students

Best Money Apps of 2019: High School Edition

Saving money can be tough for students like you. It might not be obvious but saving money is the best thing you can do while you’re young. Savings will greatly help you in sudden events that need money. One common example is unexpected field trip for your major subject. Last ...
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As a senior high school student, reading art books helps you see the world in a different vantage point.

10 Best Art Books Every Senior High School Student Must Read

As a senior high school student, learning must not be limited to the four walls of the classroom. Applying your knowledge into actual outputs helps you learn what works and what needs improvement. However, reading art books also aids you to acquire more knowledge of your craft. Interesting Art Books ...
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Senior High School Jobs that awaits every K-12 graduates this 2019

List of In-Demand Senior High School Jobs This 2019

One of the goals of the K12 program is to help students become job-ready after senior high school. The added years aim to give them basic skills which they could use to land a job. According to Jobstreet Report 2018, “25% of employers are willing to hire K-12 graduates.” Find ...
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College Degree Courses You Can Consider as a K-12 Graduate

When we adopted a new school system in 2016, challenges ensued. As a result, we went through an overhaul in our education. In the meantime, a few learners still feel the effects of this shift to K to 12. The first batch of the system, though, will soon step up ...
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