a desktop for catering animation jobs with a warm lighting

8 Entry-Level Animation Jobs for New Graduates of K-12 or College

Are you a new graduate of an animation course seeking to grow your career? Maybe you’re one of the clueless neophytes eager to kick-start one. Despite the naysayers, many jobs wait for college and senior high school students after they earn a degree in an animation course. Animation is an ...
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surviving graphic design school

Tips to Overcome Creative Block for Aspiring Digital Artists

It’s just normal for even the most inventive people to experience creative blocks. Unless you have a bottomless pit of ideas (literally and figuratively), you’d get stuck in a rut at least once in your life. However, you don’t need to fret when it happens, since there’s always a way ...
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student learning digital arts

Teaching Digital Arts to Millennials and Generation Z Students

These two young generations, Millennials and Generation Z, have distinct qualities that set them apart from the rest of the population. But how well do you know them? If you're the employer or teacher of those born in these eras, can you tell how you'll teach or train them well? ...
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what you need to know about the arts and design track in the Philippines

What Senior High School Arts and Design Track Has to Offer

Among the four tracks offered in senior high school, Arts and Design track is the path that will lead you to the creative field right after you graduate. Once you’ve chosen the arts and design track, you must know the core subjects. You must be willing to take effort in ...
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shs voucher program

Understanding DepEd’s Senior High School Voucher Program

To keep up with the world’s learning standards, DepEd upgraded its old curriculum. Thus, the K-12 program’s main goal is to raise the value of education in the country. More so, the agency pushed this further with the voucher program. So, learn here the steps, scope, and requirements you must ...
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Calculator on Top of an Open Book - k to 12 grading system

The New K to 12 Curriculum Grading System

It’s been seven years since DepEd carried out the K to 12 curriculum in the Philippines; however, a few parts  remained vague to those affected by the change. To a few incoming senior high school students, parents, and teachers, the new k to 12 grading system is still unclear. So, if ...
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Which Senior High School Track Suits Your Personality

Career choices take the center stage when jump-starting your career. Of the four main senior high school tracks: Academic track, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track, Sports track, and Arts and Design track, you must choose what track fits your personality and interests. There are various ways to know your personality type. You can ...
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jobs for computer science graduates

Despite Naysayers, Computer Science Majors Stay In-Demand

A study by an Oxford University expert points out the lack of jobs for computer science graduates. The data notes, too, how one of 10 computer science graduates sweats to land a job within six months after graduation. However, computer science graduates must not fret. A contrary report, issued just ...
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