5 Unique Developments in Gaming History

Video Games have gone a long way since the era of Pong. From being nothing more than a means to pass the time, video games have turned into an art form and a full-blown sporting event! Here are some noteworthy milestones in video games and gaming in general. Mortal Kombat ...
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specialist courses in Alabang

Perks “Tiga South” People Will Get from Studying at CIIT Alabang

Want to turn your weekends into something productive? Open for students and professionals alike, CIIT Philippines now offers specialist courses in Alabang. “Tiga South” or people living in Southern NCR and nearby provinces like Laguna and Cavite can now enroll for short courses in digital marketing, web design, and multimedia ...
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ballsy art

Amazing Ways People Have Created Art

We know that people will go to great lengths for art. What we don’t know is how some extra passionate people define “great lengths” for us, it could be lying in the mud to take that amazing bottom-up shot or standing in the middle of a busy street to capture ...
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You're an All Star: movie effects

Amazing Movie Effects Facts

Technology has done an amazing job at improving the quality of films and games these days. Most of today’s biggest films rely on a proper combination of real world tinkering and digital magic. Now it’s time that we all learned what goes in, and results from, these amazing and tedious ...
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The History of Mobile App Development

Aside from doing hands-on activities, knowing the evolution of apps plays a vital role, too, in improving the skills of mobile app development students. Hence, as a learner, you must know how tools brought us to where we are today. It gives us a hint at what the future holds ...
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Nine Awesome Filipino Digital Artists Who Will Inspire You

Are you looking for reasons to pursue your love for art and animation? CIIT, a digital arts school in the Philippines, compiled nine awesome Filipino digital artists here and abroad to fuel up your passion and inspire you to follow your dreams. It’s not yet too late to pursue your ...
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k12 track for animation: student

What is the Best K12 Track to Get an Animation Job?

Are you clueless on the right K12 track for animation that you can pursue to fulfill your passion and hone your creativity? Of the four tracks in the senior high school (SHS) curriculum, Arts and Design is the perfect route for animation enthusiasts like you. Look through this blog so ...
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multimedia arts college course: masterpiece

The Importance of Multimedia Arts in Modern Business Settings

Still debating whether a multimedia arts college course is better than other courses or not? If you worry about your flexibility and growth as an artist, it will not be a problem anymore when you take up this program. Aside from arts and technology, this course also leads you to ...
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