One career path for Bachelor of Multimedia Arts Graduates is multimedia production involving digital video content.

8 Local Firms That Hire Bachelor of Multimedia Arts Graduates

Do you know how films, TV shows, and TV commercials are produced? Are you also amazed by how graphics are brought to life? These are just some of the things Bachelor of Multimedia Arts graduates aim to figure out once they join the creative industry. If you’re dreaming of working ...
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Different Types of Learning Styles and other Tips for High School Students

How to Survive High School Life Based on Different Types of Learning Styles

High school is one of the best years of a student’s life. It is way more challenging than grade school because of added school loads and responsibilities. Yet, it’s still memorable because it is the time to meet new friends and discover yourself more. You’ll learn about your strengths and ...
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National Arts Month 2019 for Visual Arts

National Arts Month 2019: Celebrating the Lives of Philippine National Artists in Visual Arts

Do you know that arts and culture are very much renowned in the Philippines? This event, also known as the National Arts Month, happens every February. It is an annual occasion which started after the former president Corazon Aquino signed the Presidential Proclamation 683 in 1991. Since then, the National ...
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Pinoy Films That Will Make You Say Yes to Film and Animation School

Pinoy Films That Will Make Millennials Pursue Film and Animation School

People who are more exposed to technology have more chances to express themselves. Moreover, media give people endless ways to convey their thoughts. Being the first social media generation, millennials have used such break to promote themselves. However, this paved way to the ‘selfish’ and ‘narcissistic’ stereotype ascribed to them ...
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3D Animation Benefits in Metro Trains in Melbourne

3D Animation Benefits: Exploring its Impact to Business and Branding

We are living in an era of limitless possibilities. The information age has helped us redefine our limits, especially our communication practices. Who would have thought we can make our drawings move? Who would have thought this can help our businesses grow? Know more about 3D animation benefits in business ...
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CIIT Philippines’ senior high school tips for incoming grade 11 and 12 students

Top 8 Senior High School Tips for Incoming Senior High School Students

When the K-12 program had been signed into law last 2013 to cope up with the global standards, the education system in the Philippines has since then been rapidly evolving. With this progress, incoming senior high school students like you must keep up. Knowing the best senior high school tips ...
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Corporate Training Benefits: Why companies should invest in corporate training

Corporate Training Benefits: Importance of Training and Development Programs

Some firms view training as a waste of time and money. They think these will not create any impact to their company and will only cause drawbacks. Instead of this, let us look at it positively. If done effectively, these training are worth your investment. Know more about corporate training ...
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mobile app development trends in 2019

The Biggest Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

We are now on the verge of welcoming 2019. The trends in mobile app development landscape come and go every year. Now, we are about to embrace another mobile app development trends that will change and improve our lifestyle. One of the world’s greatest markets for tech is the mobile ...
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