Meet our CIITeen, Audric Andrada!

It’s tough these days to get parents on board with supporting an art career, especially when they see it as not measuring up to jobs in medicine or tech. This is why our CIITeen Audric Verne Andrada is thankful parents’ supported his love for the arts. 

He dreams of joining a major game studio as an illustrator or concept artist, and perhaps even crafting his own stories for others to enjoy someday. 

Audric’s creation

Besides his passion for drawing and designing, he is also a big fan of K-pop, musicals, and anything music-related. When he’s not in school, you’ll likely find him binge-watching YouTube videos, playing the piano, or gaming with his pals. As for movies, “Interstellar” tops his list; he’s captivated by how it perfectly marries deep character development with its sci-fi backdrop.

Audric’s passion for the arts began back in 6th grade. Inspired by his friends’ artistic skills, he was motivated to improve and match their level. He hasn’t stopped drawing since then! 

His art journey is also influenced by several artists he finds on X (formerly known as Twitter), notably one known as Sevvanto. He’s drawn to the warm feel of their art style and aims to capture something similar in his work. Additionally, he admires the artists behind the splash illustrations in League of Legends. Their exceptional skill level is something he aspires to, and he eagerly anticipates each new piece of artwork that’s released with the game’s new content.

The first time Audric heard about CIIT Senior High School was through a friend. Since his entire group of friends is made up of artists, they were all intrigued by the idea and even joked about embarking Senior High together someday. However, what attracted him to CIIT was the strong sense of community and its unique educational approach, especially with curricula that equally emphasize both tech and arts.

CIIT Senior High Students
Audric hanging out with his friends and classmates

Currently, he is taking up Media and Visual Arts at CIIT Senior High School. For Audric, the school is a unique blend of freedom and challenge. He finds that even though there are fewer written exams and generally less traditional homework than at other schools, there’s a constant flow of project-based assignments tied to his chosen strand that need to be completed quickly. Plus the teachers are so approachable and passionate so it’s easy to ask questions whenever they pop up.

CIIT Senior High Students
Audric with his friends

Audric sees Media and Visual Arts as a career path that is often overlooked and underestimated, despite its huge impact on our daily lives. He firmly believes that it plays a crucial role in our world: “The clothes we wear were dreamed up by fashion designers, the signs and posters on the streets were crafted by graphic designers, the illustrations in books and the words we read are the work of artists and writers. MVA brings a special kind of beauty and uniqueness to communication that you don’t see in other fields.”

Some might think art is just about sketching and creating designs, but Audric knows it’s about putting in real effort to make it in this field. For those keen on following this path, he recommends always turning in work promptly. Staying in touch with your teachers about deadlines and questions can save you a ton of trouble down the line. And don’t skip on joining a club; it might seem like extra work, but it’s a great way to meet cool people and have fun in ways you wouldn’t expect! 

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