Meet our CIITeen, Rysa Abadier!

Before settling in at CIIT and finding her crowd, Rysa had many different dreams. From an early age, she imagined herself in roles like veterinarian, nurse, doctor, and baker! She is also a versatile enthusiast with a deep passion for music, whether it involves singing or playing various instruments. 

But, her curiosity doesn’t end there, of course. She is interested in cooking, baking, robotics, and any building that challenges her to lose herself in creation. Since she wanted to fully understand the ins and outs of our digital world, she decided to pursue a programming strand. Although she hasn’t laid out all her plans yet, Rysa is excited about the journey that CIIT will take her on. 

Exploring Opportunities

Rysa was anxious about enrolling at CIIT in her early days. Similar to others, she felt uneasy about it, but she was curious to find out more because she knew that CIIT had a stellar reputation for helping students discover their passions.

CIIT’s programming strand comes with a well-planned curriculum, allowing her and fellow students to explore deeper into technology and industry trends. She also mentioned how thrilled she is to be enrolled here because, at some schools, the programming strand focuses more on the principles of math and science and rarely gives students the chance to experiment with technology. 

Now, feeling completely at home among her new peers, she looks forward to expanding her knowledge of different programming languages and exploring innovative concepts. 

Overcoming Challenges

Just like many students, Rysa knows the thrill of starting as a beginner and continuing to learn. For her, diving into the world of programming can feel like jumping into deep waters at first—but she sees it as an exhilarating mix of challenge and complexity.

She emphasizes that this initial challenge shouldn’t stop you, as there are steps you can take to ease the learning process. Based on her experience, programming can appear less intimidating if you start with the basics and progressively go further. Also, the secret to perfecting the craft is regular practice and asking questions! 

The Adventure of Learning

Currently, Rysa finds joy in the learning journey, embracing every challenge that comes her way. Though it may appear complicated, she believes it’s entirely achievable. If you’re considering following a similar path, Rysa offers some friendly advice:

“There’s a lot to consider and navigate, but programming is fun! Reflect on what initially drew you to the programming strand. Also, try not to overthink. Making mistakes is perfectly fine. As a programmer, problem-solving is key, and that includes fixing errors. Remember, mistakes don’t define your success; they pave the way for improvement.”

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