Pinoy Films That Will Make Millennials Pursue Film and Animation School

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People who are more exposed to technology have more chances to express themselves. Moreover, media give people endless ways to convey their thoughts. Being the first social media generation, millennials have used such break to promote themselves. However, this paved way to the ‘selfish’ and ‘narcissistic’ stereotype ascribed to them. On the other hand, Sage Publication says this group “have …

Pinoy-Made Mobile Games That’ll Make You Proud as a Filipino

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Discover the latest in mobile gaming with these fun-to-play apps made by talented Filipino developers. Patronize your own and keep yourself in the loop with these Pinoy-made mobile games that you can download from Google Play. Here’s a compiled list from Rappler, YugaTech, GoodNewsPilipinas, and Ang Pinaka’s YouTube channel. Top 10 List of Proudly Pinoy Mobile Games 1. Wiwi Rush: …

Top 10 Back-to-School Educational Apps You Should Be Using

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As we embrace the advent of technology and countless innovations to upgrade our daily lives, living around them has become an essential part of education. Modern education opts to run fast, efficient, and goal-focused learning phase for students and we can expect more. As of now, technology produced new designs to enhance the learning process and learning output. There are …

Ten Secrets to Taking Stunning Instagram Photos

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Taking great Instagram photographs is a tough job. If you want to improve the quality of your Instagram uploads, impress your followers, and get more likes, follow these ten expert tips. 1. Plan your picture taking. Just as in shooting a film, capturing a good image for Instagram needs planning, too. Right location, proper lighting, and correct angle are important …

Ten Local Firms that Hire Entertainment and Multimedia Grads

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Do you worry about your future if you take up a degree in BS Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (BS EMC) in the Philippines? Though undeniably a young degree program, BS EMC offers a great number of jobs for its graduates. In the Philippines alone, top local animation firms hunt for creative, talented, and passionate animators who can join their teams. …

Reasons to Take Entertainment and Multimedia Course at CIIT

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Countless schools in the Philippines offer the Bachelor of Science course in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing. But what makes studying at CIIT unique and special? College education prepares you for a career. Schools that offer the best facilities and services can leverage your future job. Now, what can you say about finding a school that hones you as a whole …

Philippines’ Entertainment Multimedia School Grads’ Future

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In contrast to what other people say, the future is bright for entertainment multimedia school graduates in the Philippines. Students of digital animation courses, for instance, can get countless offers from the emerging outsourcing firms in the country. As of 2008, there are over 50 small and medium-sized outfits and a total estimated 7,000 Filipino employees working for the industry. …