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About CIIT

Welcome to CIIT College of Arts and Technology! We aim to provide accessible programs (Senior High, College, and Short Courses) that puts you on the pathway to career success. And while you progress down this path, we hope that our campus can serve as a place you would love to call your second home. Compared to other universities, we’re a relatively small school and young to boot with only 15 years under our belt. However, we believe that having a younger management team allows us to be dynamic, innovative, effective, and tech-savvy in how we educate our students.

Mission and Vision


We commit to improving Filipino lives by empowering the youth through industry-ready, values-driven, and accessible education.


Leading the way towards a globally competitive Philippines.

Core Values

Critical Thinking

We use data, reasoning, and resourcefulness as our tools to understand our targets, formulate strategies, and achieve our goals.


We seek to continuously improve systems, processes, and our way of doing things.


We do the right thing even when no one is looking, even if it is the harder thing to do.


We achieve our vision together by resolving conflicts and overcoming barriers.


We dedicate ourselves to careers we are passionate about and share this with others. We love what we do and do what we love.

How It All Started

Board of Directors

It was 2007. Steve Jobs’ Apple just rolled out the iPhone. Facebook acquired over 20 million users. And Twitter, launched the year before, was hot on its heels. The tech industry was booming, and its impact was starting to go worldwide. A similar revolution was brewing in the Philippines, and the demand for technology-proficient professionals was rising. It was then that CIIT, formerly Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology came to be.

The brainchild of our very own Chairman, Mr. Elson Niel Dagondon, CIIT began with only 21 students, all enrolled in diploma courses for Graphic Design, Multimedia Application, Software Engineering, and Network Design. Specialist courses for working professionals were added in 2011, followed by bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Multimedia Arts, which were approved the very next year. A milestone in being able to provide our students with an extensive industry network, we reached 100 official company partners in 2015. We also got accredited to offer Senior High School programs the following year in response to the new K-12 system.

After almost 15 years, we are proud to say that CIIT College of Arts and Technology has earned a reputation as a local quality educational brand. Our classes are available to senior high school and college students who want to turn their passions into future careers as well as working professionals who seek to upgrade their skill set.

From a few classrooms, we now opened multiple campuses to house our students. The colorful seven-story Interweave campus opened in Kamuning last 2017, and our Senior High campus took root in Ignacia Place the year after. Our location in Quezon City, home to many of the country’s major educational institutions, continues to motivate us as one of the nation’s leading schools for Digital Arts and Technology.

Looking to the future, we at CIIT continue to strive in our mission to hone and use the natural artistic and innovative talents of Filipinos and apply them to the digital arts and technology sector. It is our vocation to ensure that our graduates are equipped with industry-relevant technical skills and imbued with core values focused on integrity, innovation, teamwork, and passion. This will enable them to be the competent professionals and future leaders that we believe they can become.

Present and Future

We at CIIT continue to promote high-quality, industry-based teaching. To this day, we continue to manage a faculty of industry professionals who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and equipping their students with practical skills. We also constantly update our programs to ensure they are relevant to current trade needs. We have partnered with renowned industry players such as Adobe Systems, Autodesk, and WACOM, among others, for the latest software and learning tools. As an education provider, we cater to students and business clients, providing high-quality and affordable training in Multimedia Arts, Computer Science, Information Systems, Game Development, and Entrepreneurship. Our corporate partners include brands like IBM, Mynt (GCash), Amazon Philippines, TBA Studios, and Penbrothers.

We also offer short courses to those who wish to improve their skills in art, business, and technology. These include Digital Photography, Web Design and Development, 3D Animation, Video Editing and Special Effects, Game Programming, Digital Marketing, and Data Science.

As one of the few local schools that offers the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts, we allow our students to specialize in different fields, focusing on Graphics Design, 3D Visualization, or Video and Motion Graphics. With our varied offers, we stay true to our core values. We offer the best industry-based teaching by hiring top experts as mentors and using the latest tools and software for learning. Our website contains helpful materials on Computer Science, Information System,  Game Development, Multimedia Arts, and Entrepreneurship. Feel free to browse through our pages for more details.

Facts & Figures


Average Alumni Recommendation Rating to CIIT in 2022 as a School of Choice for Incoming Freshmen.


Graduate Placement Rating for AY 2021-2022
(Full-time Employees, Part-time Employees, Freelancers, and Business Owners)

The CIIT Culture

We’ve always stood for a welcoming and diverse campus culture that provides a sense of community and familiarity. You can see and feel this on our entire campus—from our elevators to faculty rooms. 

Our elevators do not discriminate among students, faculty, and staff. Everyone and anyone can ride it. Meanwhile, our faculty room is a communal workspace where students and instructors can facilitate open discussions. No one, not even our president Mr. O, has their own private office. 

We also ensure there’s room for every kind of creator—from photography and recording studios to drawing rooms and computer labs. We outfitted these spaces with quality equipment which, like the software apps that we give you access to, are in line with the latest industry-standard technology. There’s even a 3D printer available for you to print your creations into reality. As a CIIT Student, we encourage you to create a space within the space we have provided to you.

Our facilities here at CIIT are designed to ignite the creative potential within you! Go beyond our colorful campus facade and take time to explore the spaces that are available to you and designed especially for you.

Campus Facilities

Company Partners

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