Meet our CIITzen Scholar, PJ!

When CIIT scholar, PJ Pelicano, began his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) degree, he was on a mission. He was out to prove to his family that computers were not just fun and games, but the key to his future.

At CIIT, PJ discovered that this field could benefit society in so many ways. Find out how CIIT’s scholarship program and project-based assignments widened his view of technology and the opportunities it offers him to help others.

How did your interest in computers start?

It’s difficult kapag medyo strict and overprotective yung parents as a kid kasi you don’t get to explore the outside world that much. Yung computer, yung virtual world and games, parang naging safe space ko siya to explore and move freely, as well as connect with friends kapag hindi pwedeng lumabas.

Why did you enroll in CIIT’s computer science program?

Like I said before, computers allowed me to explore. Kaya lang, I always hear “puro ka computer, wala namang magandang madudulot yan”. I pursued computer science kasi naiinis ako na hindi nila ma-appreciate yung utility ng computer, how it helps me at work, and also emotionally. Sa nakikita ko naman ngayon din, technology has revolutionized everything. When we fully understand the language of technology, we can make better tools and innovations for everyone.

Karamihan din sa mga courses na nakikita ko regarding Computer Science is basically just Computer Science, period. Pero iba yung Computer Science sa CIIT. May specialization sa Game Development and Mobile Apps, so it gives you the best of both worlds. Mas marami akong skills na natutunan, which opened multiple doors, opportunities, and choices.

Can you share with us some of your best works?

At CIIT, most of the outputs are project-based. This enables all our works to be personal. We are able to fully express ourselves through our works. I’ll always be proud of my first ever game, Kamuning Munings. Even though it’s simple, I think it’s good for a first try. You can learn more about it or even play it here: https://patrickdotjade.myportfolio.com/games

I am also very proud of the team project I created with Eder Chua named LeavenPOS. I believe this is one of my best works. It’s a system specifically designed for Eder’s family’s business. The project requirement was to incorporate our lesson about CRUD or yung basic functions ng isang system which are Create, Read, Update, and Delete to a desktop application.

What makes it interesting is that the application is specialized. May kinokopya kaming existing system, but turning it into an automatic application. Dapat tama lahat. I not only learned how to develop a desktop application, I also learned how a business works, as well as yung challenge of automating an already existing system. Dapat mas efficient, dapat mas mabilis, dapat mas convenient para sa kanila.

What growth did you experience after enrolling in CIIT?

My reason for studying changed. Ang selfish ng reason ko on why I took computer science. May gusto lang akong patunayan. Pero CIIT helped me find better reasons within myself kung bakit ko gustong i-pursue further yung kinuha kong course. If games and applications helped me in a lot of ways, sasali ako sa pag-gawa nung mga tools na makakatulong naman sa iba.

Gusto kong bumuo ng games that speak and connect with people on another level. Gusto kong bumuo ng mga virtual worlds that can be an escape for people and help them, much like how games helped me.

Isa pa, I want to build tools, utilities, systems, and innovations that would allow people to be more efficient with their crafts and works para mas ma-express nila yung sarili nila fully. Para mas dumali yung buhay nating lahat, diba.

In fact, I’m looking forward na hindi umikot sa sarili ko yung future career ko. I want to be involved with other people from different parts of the Philippines. Yung mae-experience ko yung issues and difficulties nila first-hand, para mas maintindihan ko and hopefully makapag-develop ng tools or systems para maging solution sa problema nila.

How did CIIT’s scholarship program help you?

First of all, I am grateful to CIIT for granting me a scholarship. Sobrang helpful niya kasi I don’t have to think much kung paano tutulungan yung family ko regarding my tuition. It also motivated me na mag excel sa mga subjects ko. That small pressure of being a scholar pushed me to learn and explore more things in advance para maging mas efficient sa mga subjects ko.

Do you want to create change and make tools that can solve real world problems? Then you’ve come to the right school. CIIT will definitely arm you with the skills you’ll need as you grow and figure out your impactful career goals!

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