Meet our CIITzen, Kyle!

Fascinated by the intricacies of game design, Kyle found his ideal outlet at CIIT College of Arts and Technology, where he studies Entertainment and Multimedia Computing. 

Who could have imagined that a simple love for playing video games would lead to pursuing a degree in game development and making an impact on society? Take Kyle Abelgas as an example. As a gamer and tech enthusiast, Kyle takes pride in solving problems within applications or games. For students like him, the ability to tackle bugs and troubleshoot effectively stands out as a key motivator to pursue this field despite the challenges.

Interestingly, his passion for gaming has been noticeable since his childhood. He remembered how fun and freeing Grand Theft Auto was for him because he could explore and do things without worrying about real-life consequences. 

However, he didn’t really become interested in game programming until his junior high teacher taught him how to use Visual Basic to make a calculator. Pleased with his progress, he then applied this newfound knowledge to game development. Although it was challenging at first, he persisted and eventually made his first simple game. 

Fascinated by the intricacies of game design, Kyle found his ideal outlet at CIIT College of Arts and Technology, where he studies Game Development. Even though much of his student life has been during the pandemic, Kyle appreciates the institution’s nurturing atmosphere, which helped him hone his abilities. 

For him, the benefit of having easy access to the computer lab is very important for his academic success and creative growth. As a budding game developer, he is grateful for the wealth of resources available to him. Given that each task in this area requires the use of specific software, this exposure has not only built his experience but also fueled his determination to strive for excellence. 

As Kyle delves deeper into the world of programming, his curiosity about the inner workings of the Philippine game industry continues to grow. His inquisitive nature led him and his team to choose an unconventional but socially impactful topic for their Capstone project—the minimum wage in the Philippines. Their extensive research into this issue opened their eyes to the financial hardships faced by many Filipinos. Because of what they learned, they made a game that models the idea of minimum wage, Below the Line. They hoped that by doing this, players get to have a better sense of the problems lower-paid workers face.

But, of course, there’s more to that. Through direct engagement with the industry, Kyle learned that outsourcing is a major revenue stream for Filipino game development companies. He also found it interesting that some international games are actually outsourced to companies in the Philippines. This only shows that the local game development scene has a lot more to offer than people think. 

“Kaka-computer mo ‘yan! (You’re always on that computer!)” is a common remark we hear from other people when we spend a lot of time on screens. Yet, Kyle Abelgas saw these comments not as criticism but as an opportunity to show that there’s a future in his chosen field. Of course, his commitment to his craft would not have been possible without the unwavering support of his parents from the very beginning. Thanks to their steadfast encouragement, he was able to chase his dreams while finding joy in the process. 

And for students aspiring to follow in Kyle’s footsteps, here’s what he has to say: “Do it because you like to develop, program, or design games, not because you just like playing games. They are fundamentally different and require a tremendous amount of problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.”

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