Cool Mobile Application Development Ideas You Never Know Exist

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Are you looking for ideas for your next mobile application development project? For cool inspirations, check out these apps that you might not know exist. 1. Parking Mate Available for iOS, this app tells you the closest and safest places to park your car and the spots where you’ve parked previously. It can monitor how much time you have left, …

Mobile Application Development: Dos and Don’ts When Naming Apps [Infographic]

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A perfect mobile application (app) name is more than just a good brand “recall” strategy. If you are working as an app developer or still aspiring to be one, come up with a good label that can popularize your work and help you successfully infiltrate the market. Why should you give your app a proper, compelling tag? What should you …

8 Apps People Want Mobile App Development School Grads to Make

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Not everybody holds the passion to develop mobile apps that can make people’s life easier. Hence, if you’re hoping to create one, make sure to check out these cool suggestions we picked up from various users on the Web. 1. Name That Font Glyn Williams in Quora proposes a Shazam-like app for fonts. Like Shazam, she envisions an app that …