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Creative Business Mobile App Ideas to Try

Do you dream of creating your own mobile phone application someday? Enrolling in one of the Philippines’ mobile app development schools can help you make it happen. Yet, generating your first app can daunt you, much more with its endless prospects. Therefore, to help you discover the app you want to make, here are a few creative ideas you can try.

Ideas for Philippines’ Mobile App Development Game-Changers

In today’s driven market, having an app then is important for firms to thrive and keep pace with the latest trends. As a would-be mobile app developer, make the most of this situation and design new and creative apps that will serve most business needs. Below are ideas from mobile app development firms.

1. Personalized Recipe App

Unlike apps that list hundreds of standard recipes, this one will suggest possible dishes when the user inputs the ingredients. Its main goal is to offer new recipe ideas using what’s on hand. In addition, income will come from downloads and users who want to upload their own recipes.

2. Bus Timetable App

With the traffic condition in the Philippines, this app will save bus commuters from worry as they wait in terminals not knowing when the next ride will come. Based on the entered destination, it will display rather the company name, plate number, and estimated time of arrival of buses at the terminals nearest to the user. Bus companies and regular commuters will be its target market.

3. Grocery Shopping and Delivery App

As with a personal shopper, this app lets you shop for groceries online and have the items sent right at your doorstep. Further, it will help those who don’t have the time to go grocery shopping and major supermarkets to earn from the extra service and delivery charge.

4. Medical Information App

This health app will serve as a medical history database that will let users access their health information. Once registered, users can rather upload their and their family members’ medical history, latest check-up results, allergies, and medications. In the same way, this will make it easier for doctors to give the right cure and diagnose any genetic disease.

5. Event Planning App

This app will be a lifesaver for any event planner. Send invitations with RSVP; communicate with clients, teammates, and suppliers; set meetings; and create and manage an event website or social media page. From planning to promotion to check-in, users can do them all on this app.

6. Home Security and Tracking App

This complete home solutions app fits users who are often away from home. Security features include access to home cameras and doorbell intercom systems, and doors, windows, lockers, and safes sensor. It also allows users to track pets, children, the elderly, and misplaced items.

7. IoT Remote Control App

As the buzz around Internet of Things (IoT) continues, the trend for creating “smart homes” persists, too. Thus, to keep pace with this trend, an app that will control gadgets and appliances at home will be in demand. A cool app, in particular, this will let you control your house lights, heater, coffee maker, washing machine, and other home appliances using your smartphone or tablet.

8. Travel and Tourism App

An all-in-one travel and tour app will be awesome as the Philippines promotes tourism. Proposed features would include an interactive map and e-tour guide that will likewise introduce you to the history, famous spots, and go-to restaurants of various places in the country.

9. On-Demand Service Providing App

As people become busier, they may neglect common errands and household chores such as fixing the sink, roof, and light bulbs. Hence, there will be a need for service providers such as plumbers, carpenters, and electricians grows. In fact, an app that will list and let users book the nearest service firm can boom in the coming years.

10. Hotel and Restaurant Booking App

An app that can improve current hotel and restaurant reservation is likewise great. Further, adding features that will allow users to view the graphical layout of the business online can make a big difference. Besides, if you can see the unreserved tables, real time, and book your desired spot at your convenience, won’t it be helpful?

Can you make any of these apps? If you believe you can be a great name in the Philippines’ mobile app development industry someday, then CIIT can help you. We offer a specialist course in mobile app development that will, otherwise, hone your skills. Call us at 411-1196 or send your email to workshops@ciit.edu.ph for more details on this course.


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