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Top 10 Apps Pinoy Millennials and Gen Z People Can’t Live Without

If you’re an aspiring digital applications developer or simply interested in mobile app development, knowing the apps for millennials and gen z people is necessary.

Why Millennials and Gen Z Are the Vital Target Groups for Mobile Apps?

According to shopkick.com and hackernoon.com, marketing to millennials and gen z should focus on mobile app marketing strategies, as mobile is where they frequently gather. Other reasons are that they are:

1. Active mobile consumers
2. Early adopters willing to try and experience new things
3. Adept in communicating real-time events
4. Digital natives who dwell in technology
5. The single largest media target audience
6. The dominant and massive group of smartphone users

Mobile App Usage Statistics for 2018

To have a glimpse of what kind of apps people often use, themanifest.com conducted a survey with 511 smartphone owners who use at least three apps daily.

Mobile Apps Used Most Frequently Graph - apps for millennials

Apps for Millennials and Gen Z People: What They Can’t Live Without

Below are the list of android apps and iOS apps millennials and gen z people can’t live without. For a more comprehensive list, CIIT-Philippines, a mobile app development school in the Philippines, has compiled the best from Business Insider, TechWorld, IntelligentHQ, and TypistTech.

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1. Facebook

For youngsters who love to document, connect, and share with the world everything they do, Facebook is the perfect outlet for them. From status, live videos, and photo sharing, most mobile users deem this app essential.

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2. Instagram

Just like Facebook, both teens and young adults love to use Instagram to get life updates from people they follow and to share their own life’s milestones, places they’ve been to, as well as the food they’ve tasted.

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3. Waze

For millennials and gen z folks, traveling is an essential part of their work-life balance goals. This is the reason travel and traffic navigation apps like Waze is a must-have on their mobile phones.

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4. Spotify

For people who want to have access to good music, this music-streaming app is for you. This is a good pastime and a sweet escape for music lovers who are spending long hours on the road or for those who need music to keep focused.

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5. YouTube

Video consumption has changed a lot in the smartphone era. For youngsters who want easy access to everything, YouTube is  definitely a go-to site if you’re searching for  how-to tutorials, entertainment clips, music videos, YouTube lives, etc.

Viber logo - apps for millennials

6. Viber

Whether it’s for work or play, communication and messaging apps like Viber is a handy and must-have app to connect with other people. Most young adults love its secure, free messaging, and calling feature.

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7. Netflix

Known for its original content, Netflix is a must-have movie-streaming app for those who are up for a weekend movie marathon or TV binge-watching on a lazy bed-weather day.

PayMaya logo - apps for millennials

8. PayMaya

As adulting comes inevitably for millennials and gen z people, apps that offer easy and hassle-free mobile money and payments like PayMaya is quite handy.

Google Docs logo - apps for millennials

9. Google Docs

For youngsters who love to multitask and work on-the-go, apps like Google Docs is where you can create, edit, and collaborate with others on their mobile devices is a must-have.

Evernote logo - apps for millennials

10. Evernote

Just like Google Docs, millennials and gen z people use Evernote for note taking, organizing, task listing, and archiving notes and documents. It levels up their multi-tasking skills and let them work flexibly.

If you want to pursue a career in mobile app development to create apps for millennials and gen z people, this list can give you the basic rundown. Taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and knowing the trends can give you an edge. To know more about mobile app development or inquire about our courses, feel free to browse our website.

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Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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