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Top 10 Back-to-School Educational Apps for High School Students

As we embrace the advent of technology and countless innovations to upgrade our daily lives, living around them has become an essential part of education. Modern education opts to run fast, efficient, and goal-focused learning phase for students and we can expect more. As of now, technology produced new designs to enhance the learning process and learning output. There are educational apps that promote superb learning process thru engaging graphics, motions, and systems. This is just one of the various trend shifters, which upgraded our educational system profiting from the fast-paced tech gains. There are study apps modified to allow students to learn with the ease of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets emerging in our current trades.

There are plenty of educational apps available to help you manage your time, boost productivity, and guide you to make your own study habit. Besides, modern teaching uses innovative tactics including lesson-integrated games, apps and tools to evaluate student’s learning and help teachers to upgrade their instructional materials. But, for this article’s feature, CIIT rounded up 10 of the best back-to-school educational apps you should download now.

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10 Best Educational Apps and Tools for SHS and College Students

In looking for the best educational apps, you must take note of their function, learning benefits, security, and fun features. There are mobile apps focused to help you harness your skills and knowledge in various learning areas. These apps aim to help students manage their time, increase yield rate, and help them boost study habits.


If you want to teach yourself with some serious discipline, this app can help you with some drive to stay away from your phone. In today’s era, most people use their phones almost every time. Students who are glued to their gadgets could have devoted their time focusing on school tasks instead.

This app requires you to plant a seed, set a timer, and then get your work done. If you manage to stay off of your phone, you’ll grow a tree but if you can’t help but check your Instagram account, the tree will eventually die. So, grow a beautiful forest and become a productive student. You can download this for iOS and Android devices.


Are you looking for a study habit buddy? Todait app comes to the rescue. With its innovated interface and system order, you can say goodbye to your old study habit tracker routine. This app provides detailed information on how long you need to study and how much time you need to spend to meet your goal. With its spread-out platform, you can track your week and month’s statistics. You can download it into your Android devices and create an amazing study habit.


Let’s admit it, not everyone loves math unless you’re into solving complicated equations. Thus, Photomath educational app is here to save the day. This app allows you to take photos of a math problem and to receive a generated response. Aside from its ability to give the answer to your math problem, you can learn its step-by-step process so you can understand and answer it on your own. Photomath app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Smart Study Plan

This educational app is perfect for listing your subjects according to their level of urgency. With its nice interface, scheduling your subject errands is not a problem at all. Besides, you don’t have to write down your academic tasks for each subject because the Smart Study Plan app organizes it for you. Download it in your Android devices and know your priorities.


If you’re fond of using the Pomodoro time management technique, you will surely adore the Tide app too. It aims to motivate you on achieving short-term goals and tasks. With its minimalist interface, it helps you focus with helpful background noise and attractive images. Also, it’s available for both iOS and Android devices so check and download it now.

My Study Life

For most SHS and college students who keep forgetting their exams, assignment, and class schedules, My Study Life app is for you. It has a simple navigation system that allows you to assign tasks into classes. Also, it reminds you about your posted schedules so you don’t forget about them. With its day and week rotation timetables, you can say goodbye to confusing days of the week and can keep stay on track.


Of course, school works wouldn’t be complete without writing academic papers. Whether it’s for your essay, assignment, project, term papers, or a simple paragraph, the Grammarly app will guide you with basic to advance knowledge in writing. It will pinpoint errors in your content and will recommend the right words. You can even download as your laptop’s software so you can watch out for grammatical errors in your tasks before submitting it to your professor. As you use this app, make sure to master the basic to advance knowledge so you can stand alone on your school journey.

Study Planner

Of course, there are people and students who only want an easy-to-navigate app that can help them organize their plans. With Study Planner app, you can track your class schedule, agendas, and the current state of your tasks.


Now, this educational app is one for the books. If you have chunks of textbooks to read this semester, this app can help you chop it into scheduled dates where you can set how long and how many pages you want to read.


For most SHS and college students who are having trouble in keeping their regular schedule for studying, Loop app has got you covered. This habit tracker app allows you to set goals and monitor your study activity. With the aid of this app, you can stick to your schedule and avoid failing your exams and quizzes. Seize your school days by grabbing opportunities to balance studying and enjoying your time.

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Aside from the perks of these educational apps, they aim to boost students’ lives productivity. Also these apps help the students manage their time to succeed academically. If you want to create your own mobile app, taking a mobile app development course sure looks like a great idea. Besides, a mobile app development school like CIIT can help you achieve your goal. They offer quality education and up to date facilities to harness your skills and equip you with ample knowledge needed to grow your career professionally. Visit us now and inquire about our mobile app development course.

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