Mobile App Development School Lists Top Apps for Teachers

Are you a teacher looking for new trends and technologies to improve your teaching techniques and ease your tasks? CIIT, a mobile app development school, shares a list of the best mobile apps for teachers, along with reasons they deserve a space in your mobile gadget.

1. Dropbox

mobile app development school: dropbox

Got little space for your massive files and yet you want to access them in an instant whenever you need them? Install Dropbox. This app allows you to store videos, presentations, and class records online. Through it, you can create and edit MS Office files, too, on your device.

2. ClassDojo

classdojo: mobile app development school

Known as a virtual classroom app, this one connects teachers with students and their parents. As a teacher, you can use it to inspire students to develop their skills. Students, on the one hand, can place their portfolio of photos and videos. In addition, parents can get a glimpse of the interaction inside virtual classrooms through shared contents. This app allows messaging among grouped users, too.

3. Bento

bento: mobile app development school

If you want to put everything in order, download Bento and use it on your iPhone or iPad. It offers database templates to help you organize students’ lists, events, projects, and tasks. This app is worth every penny you paid to use as a productivity tool.

4. Explain Everything

mobile app development school: explain everything

With a whiteboard, your thoughts and instructions will get across your students’ minds. Yet Explain Everything isn’t your regular whiteboard. This app is a portal that interacts and serves as a tool for collaboration. By using a mobile device, this will help you explain, record, annotate, animate, etc. various topics, so students can grasp them well. Its features allow both parties to draw, insert text, enlarge or reduce images, move objects, import pictures, and more.

5. Teacher Aide Pro

teacher aide: mobile app development school

As the label implies, installing this app onto your phone can help you run a digital classroom. This award-winning app has features that aid with attendance, reports, grades, and seating charts.

6. TED

ted: mobile app development school

What can you expect from an informative website coming as an app? If you want to share ideas to, improve the knowledge of, or engage your students in a debate, use this app. With TED talks and inspiring lectures from known people, you can educate youngsters on a range of fields with an amazing approach.

7. Quizlet

quizlet: mobile app development school

Using flashcards is an effective way of teaching children. Hence, mobile flashcards can do the same, too, because you can choose from among millions to make your teaching effective. Apart from them, Quizlet features games for children and other learning tools, too.

8. Trello

trello: mobile app development school

Group projects can now be handy despite the varied schedules of students. Use Trello to organize groups, create checklists, assign activities, upload photos, and do other stuff. With this app, group members can find tasks to work on and remove ones already done.

Do you know other teaching tools that developers can transform into apps? App development firms would love to learn your needs. Share them in the comments section. Likewise, if you wish to learn how to create apps, enroll in a mobile app development school such as CIIT. For inquiries on this course, contact us.

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