Game Development

Helpful books students need to study gamification

Reasons to Study Gamification Today

To secure a better future and career, most senior high school students opt to take in-demand courses. These include tech-related degrees like computer science and

8 Popular Mobile Game Genres in 2019

More than a means of entertainment, mobile gaming has since become a way of life for many people from various age groups, surpassing its main

Best Games to Download in 2019

We have various commitments that continuously keep us busy throughout the week. Most of us are too occupied to relax and have fun, especially during

Knowing the Benefits of Short Courses

Long-term Benefits of Short Courses at CIIT

In today’s fast-paced world, people search for anything ‘instant’. They look for fast internet, shopping, travel, and even education. Professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts are coping