Reasons to Study Gamification Today

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To secure a better future and career, most senior high school students opt to take in-demand courses. These include tech-related degrees like computer science and information technology. But due to the rise of digital games and apps, courses related to entertainment and multimedia computing follows closely. Some even pursue courses related to gamification and mobile app development to step up …

8 Popular Mobile Game Genres in 2019

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More than a means of entertainment, mobile gaming has since become a way of life for many people from various age groups, surpassing its main target—the youngsters. Today, the advancement in mobile game development has brought an array of mobile game genres suitable for children and adults alike. Top 2019 Mobile Game Genres What are the most popular mobile game …

Best Games to Download in 2019

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We have various commitments that continuously keep us busy throughout the week. Most of us are too occupied to relax and have fun, especially during the weekends. So, it’s somehow useful to download at least one game to entertain us during our spare time. However, searching for the best mobile games can be tough if you’re seeking quality and enhanced …

Pros and Cons of Mobile Game Development Engines

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Playing video games not only gives you fun but also improves your cognition. The Journal of Neuroscience says playing the same video games for decades may give brain a meaningful stimulation. This involves improvement of memory and fine motor skills. Aside from these, people also play video games to reduce their anxiety and pain. Because of these reasons, and with …

Long-term Benefits of Short Courses at CIIT

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In today’s fast-paced world, people search for anything ‘instant’. They look for fast internet, shopping, travel, and even education. Professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts are coping up with the 21st-century learning, wherein they thrive to prepare for the future. Now, learning does not stop. The competitive world is driving people to look for continuing learning, so they invest in the benefits …

Top 10 Most-Loved Video Games from the 90s Generation

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Indeed, the fruition of game development spun along the fast-paced trend of technology. Innovations brought thousands of fascinating game development tools and amazing system game makers. With the right choices of career path, anyone can learn how to make unique games that could instantly attract a fuss. However, before the advanced changes in the gaming industry occurred, can you imagine …

Learn Robotics, Game Design, and Animation This Summer Vacation

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Summer break is fast approaching. It’s one of children’s most favorite time of the year. Students waited 10 months for summer break, so each precious moment must count. They may have already set high expectations on activities they look forward to doing during their free time. To make their break worthwhile, enroll them in state-of-the-art summer workshops for children where …

Reasons to Convince You to Take Game Development Programs

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Do you love playing online and mobile games like Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Candy Crush, League of Legends, or Defense of the Ancients? They’re fun and addicting, right? But do you know that your passion for gaming can lead you to a well-paid career in the future? Taking up a mobile game development course can make it happen. CIIT …