digital valentine’s project

Digital Valentine’s Project: How to Use Technology to Surprise Your Significant Other

Creating a creative digital Valentine’s project is a fun utilization of their entertainment and multimedia computing skills.

Have you been impacted by the new normal that you can’t spend time outside? Or have you found an interest in spending moments with people online, rather than in person? With the advent on virtual meetings and gatherings, some people have learned that creating and maintaining relationships don’t require physical interaction.

Tips for Your Digital Valentine’s Project

For those familiar with long-distance dating, using technology to surprise your significant other may be easy but for those unfamiliar, this guide will help you discover how to use your skills to surprise your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

Virtual scrapbook

digital valentine’s project

There’s beauty in simplicity – and sentimentality. Elevate your scrapbooking skills by making a virtual version, so you don’t have to be confined to using physical photos alone. With virtual scrapbooks, you can add music, transitions, and even moving text to make your surprise more interactive!

Use your technical knowledge by seamlessly transitioning the photos to videos of your fondest memories. This simple digital Valentine’s project will surely tug at the heartstrings of your significant other.

Personalized Digital Game

digital valentine’s project

You can go as easy as going back to getting to know more about each other or reminiscing on your shared memories. You can do this through customized quizzes by using gaming websites such as Kahoot! or Quizziz. That’s for a chill Valentine’s Day night after your romantic dinner.

But for students of Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing with gamer beaus, you increase the challenge in your digital Valentine’s project by developing a game made especially for your significant other. Apply gameplay mechanics and a storyline that you know you’ll both enjoy over your mobiles!

Virtual Reality date

digital valentine’s project

Couples who are in a long-distance relationship miss being physically together. When this isn’t possible, you can still be together – albeit virtually. Surprise your partner with a literal online date through virtual reality (VR). This is better than your regular video chats.

Utilize virtual reality gears in your digital Valentine’s project to create an immersive experience for you and your beau. Build a virtual environment that you would have explored if you had been together. This is an exciting way to practice your entertainment and multimedia computing skills!

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digital valentine’s project

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