Game development subjects

Game Development Subjects: Build Games with Unreal Engine 4

Do you know that there are over 3.22 billion gamers worldwide? This makes game development subjects an excellent choice.

Do you know that there are over 3.22 billion gamers worldwide? This makes game development subjects an excellent choice if you want to build a lucrative career path. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the days when you needed to code from scratch are gone. Today, various game development tools like Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) empower you to build games more efficiently and quickly than ever before. 

In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of what UE4 is and help you choose the best college courses in the Philippines relevant to gaming–one guaranteed to let you experience exciting student life.

What Is Unreal Engine 4?

Game development subjects

Here at CIIT, we offer CIIT programs comprising game development subjects like UE4, a game development tool released by Epic Games in 2014. Aside from game development, this versatile game engine applies to various entrepreneurial ventures and industries, including architecture, logistics, AR/VR, and animation. UE4’s complete suite of powerful tools allows you to build games, create realistic design visualizations, and enhance interactive presentations.

UE4’s scripting language is Blueprints. Compared to other scripting languages like C++, several game developers agree that Blueprints is easier to learn and implement, especially if you don’t have much coding experience.

Overview: How to Build a Game with UE4?

Game development subjects

UE4 offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces in game development. Once you’ve become a game developer student, you’ll learn how to build basic to complex games with UE4. Here are the simplified steps involved in UE4 game development:

Install UE4

UE4 is free to download and use for learning and developing school projects. Just visit the Unreal Engine website and look for the Epic Games launcher.

Create a New Project

Once you install UE4, you can start creating a new project. Select a template and set your project name and location.

Get a Feel of the UE4 Interface

Although your professors will teach you about UE4 in your game development subjects, it pays to do some self-study. Check out and play with UE4’s main editor components so you can start building your game.

Modify Assets and Implement Blueprints Scripting

Remember the template you picked earlier? It’s time to modify its assets and add your desired elements. For advanced gameplay features and smooth game logic, implement Blueprints scripting.

Improve Your Game Design

After polishing your game’s functionality, use UE4’s level editor to easily enhance your game’s look, lighting, and atmosphere.

Launch and Test

Once you’ve completed your game, test it several times to find any issues. If there are, fix them. Lastly, save and package your game once you’re satisfied.

Learn Game Development with CIIT

Game development subjects

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