Leveraging Skills: CIIT’s Best Specialist Courses To Take This 2021

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Investing in ourselves is a crucial step that we must take in order to reach our desired success in life. Whether it’s reading a good book, prioritizing mental health, honing talents, or attending short courses, deciding to take one’s self up a notch is definitely something worth doing.  Distance learning has greatly flourished globally. And now that we’ve been handed …

Why Take a Digital Marketing Course in the Philippines This 2020

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More and more brands are turning online these days. One reason behind this event is the growing force of digital marketing worldwide. As a professional, one way for you to keep up with this rising trend is to enroll in a digital marketing course in the Philippines. Doing this won’t just enhance your skills but will also widen your network. …

How CIIT Short Courses Could Drive You Toward Your Dream Career

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It is very much clear that online space highly affected the lives of many today. For instance, gone are the days when learning is confined within the four corners of a room. Now, we can learn through various media such as phones, tablets, and other gadgets anytime, anywhere. In turn, this serves us with endless options to gain new skills …

Corporate Training Benefits: Importance of Training and Development Programs

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Some firms view training as a waste of time and money. They think these will not create any impact to their company and will only cause drawbacks. Instead of this, let us look at it positively. If done effectively, these training are worth your investment. Know more about corporate training benefits and why take it. The Power of Training and …

The Biggest Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

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We are now on the verge of welcoming 2019. The trends in mobile app development landscape come and go every year. Now, we are about to embrace another mobile app development trends that will change and improve our lifestyle. One of the world’s greatest markets for tech is the mobile app sector. This is directly related to the increasing number …

Top 8 Mobile Virtual Reality Apps You Should Try Now

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Virtual reality (VR) technology is on its verge of dominating the world. Having been around for more than 40 years, the VR still stuns its users. Put on the goggles and you can witness an entirely different world. Now, it has found its way to penetrate the commercial world such as the gaming and marketing industries. Consequently, the growing demand …

Art of Logo Designing and Its Impact to Your Brand

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Make your product or service remarkable by creating your own logo. Discover more about logo designing and how to use it for creating a strong brand. The Power of Logo This is 30th SEA Games logo as presented to the Olympic Council of Asia. As it surfaced the news, netizens gave different reactions and opinions …

Web Design Color Schemes You Should Master in School

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Aside from texts and images, colors play a vital role in a website. Unfortunately, not all web designers are good at choosing the perfect colors which causes a bad layout. Whether you’re a web design pro or a student, you must know these things well. Altogether, let’s review the web design color schemes you should master in school. Color Theory To help …

Long-term Benefits of Short Courses at CIIT

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In today’s fast-paced world, people search for anything ‘instant’. They look for fast internet, shopping, travel, and even education. Professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts are coping up with the 21st-century learning, wherein they thrive to prepare for the future. Now, learning does not stop. The competitive world is driving people to look for continuing learning, so they invest in the benefits …