The Benefits of Online Courses vs Face-to-Face Education

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the Philippines have had to pivot dramatically to online learning. While the transition has been challenging, the change was made for the safety of students and educators alike. Over a year later, students all over the country are still in classrooms. As the battle against the pandemic wages on, it seems online learning has become the norm for students for now.

Despite being the standard setup for more than a year, online learning still presents a lot of challenges. Not everyone has access to a fast and reliable internet connection to access tools of online learning. Students miss seeing their classmates and being on campus grounds. Some students find it difficult to concentrate in online classes.

Looking at the bigger picture, online learning may have its pain points, but its benefits outweigh the setbacks. In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of online learning vis-a-vis face-to-face education:

Advantages of Face-to-Face Education

benefits of Online courses Philippines

Before the pandemic, face-to-face education was the standard learning setup for most academic institutions in the country. Here are some of the advantages of learning in a classroom:

  1. You may feel more comfortable learning in a classroom setup. From the beginning, most students have been accustomed to going to school to study. The setup is familiar and therefore, comforting. You can easily distinguish being on ‘school’ mode and ‘out-of-school’ mode simply by leaving the campus after all.
  1. You can understand better from ‘real world’ examples and stories from classmates and teachers. In face-to-face education, you learn new concepts and skills alongside other students in real life. It’s easier to empathize and learn from one another because you’re on the same learning journey. 
  1. You have the opportunity to learn from other students. In a traditional learning setup, you have the chance to network and bond with other students. This helps build camaraderie, and in turn, have better connections with people from different backgrounds. 
  1. You can concentrate better in a classroom. In face-to-face education, there are less distractions. You’re required to pay attention to your teacher or school work at a certain period of time. In turn, you’ll be able to concentrate harder on learning the lessons at hand. 
  1. You can collaborate with others easily. Not all school work is done individually. There are times wherein you have to work with other students to accomplish projects or assignments. In a traditional learning setup, it’s easier to work with other people. You’ll be able to keep tabs on one another. At the same time, you can share ideas in a dynamic manner. 

The Upsides of Online Learning 

upsides of Online courses Philippines

The pandemic may have accelerated the transition to online learning, but it’s more than just a band-aid solution. A lot of academic institutions have embraced virtual classrooms. In addition to helping students stay safe, here are some benefits of online learning:

  1. You can study whenever you want in the comforts of your home. You can learn at your own pace and time through online learning. Whether you’re a full-time student or a professional looking to advance your career, taking online classes means you get to do school work on your own terms. You just have to make sure you submit your requirements on or before their deadlines. 
  1. You get to save a lot of money. You don’t have to worry about transportation or parking expenses. All you need is your computer or mobile device, good internet connection, and you’re good to go. Plus, you get to spend more time on other important matters. Driving or commuting to school can take a huge amount of time after all. 
  1. You will be able to build your tech skills. Regardless if you’re in the technology world or not, you’ll be able to brush up on your tech skills through online learning. If you’re learning a tech online course, you’ll be able to practice the skills you learn easily. A lot of jobs nowadays involve working with computers or smart devices, and being tech-savvy means you’ll be able to use the necessary applications or tools with ease. 
  1. You have more choices of course topics. Whether you’re looking to get a promotion or to shift to a different industry altogether, you have a lot of interesting courses to choose from. Studying online at your own convenience grants you the freedom to choose based on your interests. You don’t have to worry about logistical challenges. 
  1. You learn a lot about self-discipline and responsibility. Because you’re learning at your own pace, you’ll be forced to practice self-discipline through online courses. You also learn to be more responsible as you’ll only be able to finish your schoolwork if you put in the work. These are skills you’ll be able to apply beyond the virtual classroom. 

While online learning has its challenges, it is clear that its benefits can help students in the long run. Essentially, it paves the way for a more personalized learning experience. At the same time, it allows more people to pursue their passions, and go after their dreams. 
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