Leveraging Skills: CIIT’s Best Specialist Courses To Take This 2021

Investing in ourselves is a crucial step that we must take in order to reach our desired success in life. Whether it’s reading a good book, prioritizing mental health, honing talents, or attending short courses, deciding to take one’s self up a notch is definitely something worth doing. 

Distance learning has greatly flourished globally. And now that we’ve been handed so much time but not much to do, we can finally leverage our skills and knowledge by making good use of our spare time in taking courses on essential key things. 

We at CIIT made sure that our short courses tailor-fit your schedule. Balancing work and life shouldn’t be tough work so we dedicated transitory periods for you to learn our offered classes. Here are CIIT Philippines’ best specialist courses that you can take to nurture your cognition this 2021:

  1. Data Science Specialist

Data is so valuable that it has somehow become a form of currency. Knowing how to extract, analyze, and effectively utilize data is a skill waiting to be sold. Materialize your knowledge by being an expert in Data Science. 

  1. Python for Beginners

This short course requires no experience nor knowledge on programming. Learn first-hand with this program that is specifically designed for beginners.

  1. Mobile App Development Specialist

Dive into the vast world of digital applications through our Mobile App Development Specialist short course. With mobile phones being so popular, having a digital-first mindset can only get you so far.

  1. Game Development Specialist

Maybe you’ve got some creative ideas running on your mind but don’t really know what to do with it—why not actually turn it into reality? This specialist course will gear you towards the game developer you’ve always wanted to be.

  1. Mobile VR Development

Immerse yourself into the creative world of virtual reality. From development to design, know how the processes of VR work.

  1. Java Bootcamp

For those who already have knowledge or background on programming, taking this specialist short course will be a great decision. Designed to teach students the fundamentals and how-tos of Java, CIIT’s Java Bootcamp will patently improve your learning curve through multiple hands-on activities.

  1. Agile Training Program

The training program features a Core Agile Workshop with Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Kanban. This short course will enable enrollees to get an overview and in-depth understanding of Agile all the while getting a grip of the methodologies and best practices of the course.

  1. Web Design Specialist

This short course will help you understand the nitty-gritty of web design. We know how important websites are so if you’re planning to set up a website or you’re already working on one, this program is for you. Moreover, a great incentive of this course is getting access to one year of free domain name and hosting. 

  1. Multimedia Specialist

Tapping into your creative side isn’t as hard as you think. With our Multimedia Specialist short course, you will be able to obtain knowledge on the extensive aspects of multimedia. Our virtual classes for this program include four (4) modules that highlight the following topics: Photography, Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Digital Illustration and Page Design. To further your learning, CIIT will provide an Adobe CC license as a bonus so you can work hands-on on the program.

  1. 3D Animation Specialist

This topic might be technical but CIIT’s 3D Animation Specialist course will give you more than enough knowledge, plus, tips and tricks on the ins and outs of 3D Animation.  

  1. Creative Illustration and Character Design

This specialist course delves deeper into the character design principles and techniques used in various visual narrative formats—efficiently covering the process and entirety of the subject. Though advanced, this program carefully tackles the conceptual approaches in illustration through semiotics, storytelling, and figure drawing. 

  1. Basic Acrylic Workshop for Kids

Children’s ability to grasp new learnings at an early age makes it suitable for a new skill to be introduced. Kids are highly creative and interested in arts so this basic course will help your child explore the medium through creative experiments and interactive activities. At a young age, they will learn how to be inventive, artistic, and innovative.

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist

The digital future has come and it’s happening right in front of our eyes. Businesses that aren’t visible online might struggle to convert sales. With this course, you will be able to grasp various digital marketing efforts and learn how to turn mere people into actual paying customers.

Knowing about other people’s experiences tend to help us make certain better choices in life. In line with that, to help you decide whether or not you should take courses with CIIT, here are some notable testimonies from our previous students:

  • “Learning about animation was a long-time dream of mine back when I was in high school and thinking of my future career. Animation was one of my top choices but it was not readily accessible to everyone back then. So, I was really surprised and excited when I learned about CIIT’ s 3D animation course.

I started out with zero knowledge in animation and ended up with knowledge I can use on many different fields. The learning process was really new to me because it was the first time for me to attend online classes but our professor was really kind and helpful in solving and addressing our problems.

I do hope that future students can enjoy and learn the same way if not better than I did.

Thank you, CIIT, for giving me this opportunity to achieve one of my dreams and teaching me new skills!” Jose Mharion Crus, 3D Animation Specialist Course Student

  • “CIIT’s Digital Illustration class was a big help for me to jumpstart the career I’ve always wanted! Joining this class as a non-experienced designer has been a challenge but hugely rewarding! I was able to learn a lot of things, and after completing the course, I am now able to create the artwork I’m most amazed by! I even now have my portfolio – the very thing that previously prevented me from applying for a designer job.

Despite the pandemic, it has also brought some eye-opening opportunities. And for me, this is it – I finally had a grasp of the opportunity that I’ve been delaying for a very long time. Before I couldn’t find time to go to classes because of my job-to-home routine. But now, all thanks to CIIT for breaking the pandemic challenge, and for digitally making this class available! 

Many thanks as well to our teacher, Ms. Joreen, and to all the teachers out there who are also continuing in fighting this challenging setup of online classes. 2020 is undoubtedly a challenge for everyone, but it also made a lot of survivors and more skilled individuals.” 

Kristinne Anne Cas, Digital Illustration Specialist Course Student

  • “I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot about the 3D Pipeline and how 3D art is made. The instructor is very skilled and knowledgeable in his craft and pedagogy. I also learned how to use the software quite proficiently and with a few more years of self practice, I can feel more comfortable and confident. 

This was something I have been wanting to do since my 20’s. I’m glad I was able to do it now that I am 49. It was great. I am looking forward to taking more classes in the future.” 

Juan Carlos Bernardo, 3D Animation Specialist Course Student

  • “I am grateful that I have decided to take the Digital Marketing Specialist course program with CIIT. I have learned a lot from the class sessions, made me realize that there’s a lot of opportunity in the field and it gave me more clarity that I want to shift and pursue a career in the Digital Marketing field.

Thank you.” – Margo Malabanan, Digital Marketing Specialist Course Student

Completing a specialist course is definitely a fun learning experience. Leverage your skills and knowledge on arts and technology by enrolling in CIIT Philippines’ short courses. Composed of  highly-skilled experts and first-rate modules, CIIT is ready to take your wit to a whole new level. Know more about our specialist programs here.

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