Pinoy-Made Mobile Games That’ll Make You Proud as a Filipino

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Make the most out of your free time by supporting Pinoy games developed by our very own talented Filipino game developers. To keep you in the loop of the best mobile games, CIIT listed the top local mobile games you must not miss! Top Local Mobile Games to Download If you’re a gamer looking for the top mobile games in …

8 Best IT Jobs Every Fresh Graduate Should Consider

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Every year, thousands of information technology (IT) students earn their college degrees. After this stage, some graduates take a break and some start their journey in finding their first-ever IT jobs. If you’re one of the latter, you might ask yourself, “Where do I even start?” Start here. Start looking for the best IT job for you. Yes, there are …

Here’s Why You Should Enroll in a K12 Programming School

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Technology is one of the fastest growing basics in today’s digital age. Most industries continue to grow and expand reach through tech advances, which is not surprising at all. The educational system in the Philippines recently switched from the traditional model to K12 system. The goal is to produce a more competitive, prepared, and a harnessed batch of graduates who …

The Trend of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Gaming World

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Today, people get the hang of playing virtual reality games or trending concepts that use augmented reality. The rise of different games that use these kinds of tech-advents upgraded the gaming experience of their users. It’s more than bringing you to another dimension in both the real and digital worlds; the game has stressed the contrasts between virtual reality (VR) …

What You Should Know about A Computer Software Engineering Career

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As someone enrolled in a computer science course, pursuing a career in computer software engineering may be one of your best choices. But just like any fight, you can’t face and win the challenge unprepared. To give you a heads up on this field, here are the facts all aspiring software engineers must know. What Is Computer Software Engineering? Computer …

Famous Software Engineers and How to Become Like Them

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Still unsure of what track to take in senior high? If you’re into apps, software, and computer programming, pursuing a senior high school programming track and a computer science course can help you set your career path well. To help you realize what you can become and achieve, below is an infographic of famous software engineers and their gifts to …

Ethical Hacking: Your Guide to Ethical Hackers’ Color-Coded Hats

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Have you ever experienced having your social media account hacked by a friend as a joke? Did you prank your friend back by taking wacky photos using his phone? At this point, you glimpsed on how hacking functions for fun. While this seems harmless, did you know hacking goes beyond amusement? Often, hackers violate data privacy, and even ask for …