choosing the right school and program

Tips on Choosing the Right School and Program in College

Your student life continues. However, among the most common dilemmas high schoolers face is choosing the right school and program for them.

Your student life continues as you step into college. However, among the most common dilemmas high schoolers face is choosing the right school and program for them. We know. We’ve been there. That’s why CIIT will help you decide how to select the right school and best college courses in the Philippines that could be considered a significant turning point in your future.

How to Choose the Right School

choosing the right school and program

The Philippines has over 2,300 colleges and universities, so selecting the right school can be overwhelming. So, before you send in your college application, here are some things to consider.

Your Budget

Whether you opt for a public or private college/university, you’ll need funds to support your educational needs. Annual tuition fees in the Philippines typically range between P60,000 to P140,000. If you want to pursue an IT-related course, CIIT offers lower rates.

School’s Location

Most municipalities have elementary and secondary schools but not colleges or universities. When deciding, consider things like proximity, boarding, transportation expenses, and whether you want to spend your student days in the Metro or province.

Available Course Programs

Does the school you like have the course you want? Not all colleges and universities offer all courses. Here at CIIT, we have CIIT programs focused on art and technology-related courses designed to help prepare you for your entrepreneurial ventures.

How to Choose the Best College Program

choosing the right school and program

Selecting the best college program is harder than picking the right school. But don’t fret. Here are some tips on choosing the right school and program in college for you:

Pick a Course that Aligns with Your Interests and Skills

Most high schoolers go for courses they think will pay well. Nothing wrong with it. But if your course doesn’t fit your interests and skills, you won’t enjoy your future career in the long run. Some go back to college because they didn’t choose the right course. So, pick something that interests you and matches your skills so you’ll have a wonderful student life and a bright future.

Consider the Job Market and Demand

If you aim to secure a job right after graduation, opt for a relevant course that aligns with the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines. According to Digido PH, there’s a huge demand for BPO, IT, and home-based workers today.

Assess Your Long-Term Career Goals

When choosing the best course in the Philippines, ask yourself: Does this course align with my long-term objectives? Will this course lead to good pay? Can this course provide opportunities to transition between salaried employment and entrepreneurship and vice versa?

Explore CIIT Program Options

choosing the right school and program

Choosing the right school and program in college is tough. If you’re considering enrolling in an art or technology-related course, be a CIITzen. Here at CIIT, you can select from various CIIT programs that equip you for salaried employment and entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Learn more about CIIT’s student culture here.

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