IT Jobs for Fresh Tech Graduates in the Philippines

8 Best IT Jobs Every Fresh Graduate Should Consider

Every year, thousands of information technology (IT) students earn their college degrees. After this stage, some graduates take a break and some start their journey in finding their first-ever IT jobs. If you’re one of the latter, you might ask yourself, “Where do I even start?”

Start here. Start looking for the best IT job for you. Yes, there are abundant career opportunities that await an IT graduate like you, but you need to be careful. This is the moment wherein you’ll map out your career path. And since the IT industry is known for its wide range of job titles, it can be hard for fresh graduates like you to understand what exactly IT experts do.

So, if you’re looking for jobs for IT graduates with no experience, read on and learn various roles with IT jobs description.

IT Jobs for Fresh Tech Graduates in the Philippines

IT Jobs for Fresh Tech Graduates in the Philippines

  1. Technical support specialist
  2. Web developer
  3. App developer
  4. Data analyst
  5. Systems analyst
  6. Quality assurance analyst
  7. Systems engineer
  8. Web designer

8 Best IT Jobs for Fresh Graduates in the Philippines

1. Technical support specialist

Also known as IT support tech, this job post is one good foundation for your career. These professionals provide technical assistance, advice, and support to clients’ and businesses’ computer systems. Some of the common problems they resolve are connection issues and faulty programs. Further, they modify, install, clean, and repair software and hardware.

Key Skills:  

  • Problem-solving skill
  • Customer service
  • Strong tech skills

2. Web developer

As one of the most common IT jobs for fresh graduates in the country, web developers are known for creating and maintaining web pages through their graphic design and technical computer skills. They code, design, and layout the website in compliance with the company’s orders and standards. Most importantly, they always consider user experience and web functionality.

Key Skills:

  • Expertise in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • In-depth knowledge of programming apps

3. App developer

App developers create, maintain, and implement the source code of an app using various programming languages and operating systems. They are also tasked to design the prototype app, indicate the program unit structure, and coordinate app plans with the client or the web development team.

Key Skills:

  • Back-end computing
  • Skill in various programming languages
  • Cyber security

4. Data analyst

Data analysts gather statistical info and data and interpret them to help clients make sound and better decisions. Apart from this, they also develop and implement databases and strategies to optimize data processes.

Key Skills:

  • Attention to detail
  • Math skills

5. Systems analyst

They improve and maintain smooth, safe, and secure computer systems of clients and businesses. Moreover, they oversee upgrades and fixes to minimize business interruption.

Key Skills:

  • Critical thinking skill
  • Project management
  • Business info systems

6. Quality assurance analyst

QA analysts test programs, games, websites, and any software before they are released to the public. This is to ensure if they are fully functional and reliable. They look for errors and flaws in the program, record the issues, and report their findings to developers. In line with this, they assess if the programs, games, or software fit the market.

Key Skills:

  • Thorough technical skills
  • Quality management software

7. Systems engineer

Systems engineers implement, support, and manage tech services. These include networking, IT security, email, and disaster recovery. Moreover, they resolve desktop, server and networking issues. They also maintain and upgrade anti-virus, backups, imagine and patching.

Key Skills:

  • Info security and integration
  • Knowledge of SQL and other databases
  • Expertise in hardware and software

8. Web designer

Web designers are in charge of creating the look, layout and features of websites and linked apps. They make concepts and execute creative ideas for their clients’ sites. Likewise, they create visual elements in line with business branding. They work closely with the web development team to ensure project success.

Key Skills:

  • Good visual design skills
  • Skill in graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop

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