The Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Its Relevance to Choosing Your SHS Strand

K-12 Education, Senior High School

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The concept of intelligence isn’t confined to just one facet of “being smart.” Howard Gardner, a Harvard psychologist and professor, believed that the traditional concept of intelligence is far too narrow and limited. Further, IQ tests often miss out on other facets of being smart that one may have. Instead, his theory says that people can possess 8 multiple intelligences. …

6 Problems Senior High School Animation Students Encounter

3D Animation School, Animation School, Senior High School

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Challenges are an inevitable part of learning, right? Senior high school students, especially those taking up animation track, know this very well. However, if you are facing problems right now, it’s best to turn these challenges into growth opportunities. You should learn to surpass these trials to become a better artist, a better student. Now, let us help you prepare …

K12 Media and Visual Arts: Maximizing the New Media

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Art serves as a mirror—a reflection of one’s soul. For many of us, art serves as a form of freedom—allowing us to express ourselves in creative ways. Luckily, the K to 12 curriculum aids youth like you to hone their artistry through the K12 media and visual arts strand. The digital era we’re in now fosters modern art. Unlike traditional …

10 Best Art Books Every Senior High School Student Must Read

Senior High School

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As a senior high school student, learning must not be limited to the four walls of the classroom. Applying your knowledge into actual outputs helps you learn what works and what needs improvement. However, reading art books also aids you to acquire more knowledge of your craft. Interesting Art Books for SHS Students You may find yourself wondering what reading …

List of In-Demand Senior High School Jobs This 2019

Career, Senior High School

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One of the goals of the K12 program is to help students become job-ready after senior high school. The added years aim to give them basic skills which they could use to land a job. According to Jobstreet Report 2018, “25% of employers are willing to hire K-12 graduates.” Find out which firms offer senior high school jobs this 2019. …