8 Entry-Level Animation Jobs for New Graduates of K-12 or College

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Are you a new graduate of an animation course seeking to grow your career? Maybe you’re one of the clueless neophytes eager to kick-start one. Despite naysayers, many jobs wait for college and senior high school students after they earn a degree in an animation course. Animation is an in-demand career path in the entertainment field, but also across fields …

Understanding DepEd’s Senior High School Voucher Program

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To keep up with the world’s learning standards, DepEd upgraded its old curriculum. Thus, the K-12 program’s main goal is to raise the value of education in the country. More so, the agency pushed this further with the voucher program. So, learn here the steps, scope, and requirements you must meet to pass the senior high school voucher program screening. …

The New K to 12 Curriculum Grading System

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It’s been seven years since DepEd carried out the K to 12 curriculum in the Philippines; however, a few parts  remained vague to those affected by the change. To a few incoming senior high school students, parents, and teachers, the new k to 12 grading system is still unclear. So, if you feel the same, read on to understand it. Importance …

Which Senior High School Track Suits Your Personality

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Career choices take the center stage when jump-starting your career. Of the four main senior high school tracks: Academic track, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track, Sports track, and Arts and Design track, you must choose what track fits your personality and interests. There are various ways to know your personality type. You can take a personality quiz or consult a guidance counselor. However, …

How Lucrative Is an Animation Career in the Philippines?

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When matched with other forms of visual art, moving objects attract more attention and better responses from audiences. Hence, the animation industry is on the rise and continues to entice and influence the minds of countless of youngsters and young-at-hearts worldwide. This career, however, has created a tremendous competition that makes hopefuls wonder. Is animation a good career choice? Is …

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Programming Course

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Soon the first batch of senior high school students will conquer the workforce or further their education in college. Are you baffled on what track to take in your senior year? Maybe you’re weighing your options to work or want to go a step higher to become a skilled programmer after graduation. This makes choosing the right senior high school …

Computer Programming Course Grooms the World’s Finest IT Experts

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The demand for IT experts will continue to rise. Since we live in the age of Facebook, Google, Uber, Paypal, Fitbit, Amazon, etc., it’s easy to find a place for software developers in the corporate world. Hence, to keep up with this growing demand for IT professionals, more schools offer computer programming courses. Moreover, to assist the computer-aided world that …

What Career Awaits You as You Graduate from Senior High School

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As the country shifted from the old high school curriculum to K to 12, the changes have confused both parents and incoming high school students. Thus, everyone has to keep up with them and hope for better results. As we expect senior high school graduates to move up, the Department of Education claims, with full confidence, to produce a job-ready …