ciit coaching sessions during online classes

CIIT Philippines Begins Full Online Classes by June 15

CIIT is all set to be one of the first schools in the country to begin the next school term via full online classes on June 15, 2020.

The key to this swift adoption rate was the school’s early pursuit of adopting modern school management systems. From fully automated online advising and enrollment, learning systems, to cloud-based software, all the tools to be used by students and school administrators were already acquired and utilized 2 to 5 years ago.

A Heart for Students

With technology solutions primed, CIIT focused its energy on deepening its understanding of the challenges students are experiencing. Insights through surveys and data gathered during the 4 weeks of online classes when ECQ was implemented resulted in the following solutions:

  1. Shortened term and reduced hours for streaming lectures allow students a more manageable study load while being productive young adults at home.
  2. CIIT applied refunds from the previous term and made drastic reductions to school fees for the next term to ease the burden on parents and students in paying for education.
  3. CIIT procured hundreds of Prepaid WiFi kits, which was partly subsidized by the Student Council, to connect our students to the internet at very affordable rates.
  4. The most far-out assistance of CIIT is the initiative to send out more than 170 powerful PCs to students in need of equipment, allowing them to rent these units for the whole duration of the term.
  5. All CIIT scholars will receive wifi kits and PCs for free.

Teachers as Mentors

With online learning stigmatized as simply leaving students to study on their own, the school is determined to keep a high-caliber of learning experience so students become competent after completing the course.

CIIT is redefining online classes by designing a distinct student-centered approach through CIIT’s coaching and mentoring session. Instructors will be dedicating 75-90% of their time reaching out to students individually or in small groups to provide personal feedback and mentoring regarding both their academic progress and life challenges.

A Better Normal

Seeing the continuous rise of COVID19 cases discourages us from returning to school in the coming months. After all, keeping the health and safety of our students is a priority. Innovating ways to continue education in this crisis is a challenge that CIIT has fully embraced as we move to redefine better normal for our students and community.

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