Affording CIIT education in the current crisis where unemployment is at its highest is something we aspire for all of our students.

The school has implemented a significant reduction in the total school fees with the aim of making our education as accessible as possible for our students. Savings incurred from the previous term when ECQ was implemented is also refunded to our students to help ease their financial burdens.

If you’d like to see our sample assessment form for the incoming term, please click this link.

Frequently Asked Questions:



Is there a deadine for the 2nd term balance?
Technically, the deadline for payment of all your balances from the 2nd term will be the closing of enrollment for the 3rd term.

If we will not be able to pay the 2nd term balance, can’t we be allowed to enroll for the 3rd term?
In case you cannot pay the balance from your previous term, you will not be allowed to enroll in the 3rd term.

Will there be a penalty if balances from the previous term cannot be paid until the closing of 3rd term enrollment?
Yes, a penalty will be applied by then. This is in compliance with our school’s policy that we follow every enrollment.


What payment channels can we use to pay our balances and tuition fee for the 3rd term?
Please visit for the payment options and available channels that you can use to pay for your school fees.

If we encounter an issue with the online payment, who can we contact?
Please send an email to

Can I deposit a cheque that is from another bank to CIIT’s bank account?
Yes, you can definitely deposit the cheque from other banks to CIITs bank account. For instructions on how to do cheque deposits, please visit Please do not forget to email your bank deposit slip to

Would it be possible to request for a soft copy of the OR?
Definitely! However, official receipts can only be issued from the Finance Office. We will not be able to release this during ECQ. Rest assured that we will provide you updates as soon as our office operations resume.


When will the school release the amount of the CIIT Distance Learning term? And, can you show us the breakdown of the school fee?
You may view the sample assessment here: You will also be able to see your official assessment once enlistment opens on May 22.

All lab fees for all subjects have been completely waived. The miscellaneous fees have also been reduced. Hence, if you’re a student enrolling in twelve units or four subjects, your overall fee should be about PHP 20,000 to 24,000.

Are we going to be charged with the PHP 5,000 rental fee of the PC units even if we didn’t applied for it?
Only those who will borrow the PCs will be charged. The rental of PCs is optional.

Why are we still paying for internet fee, health service and aircon maintenance despite not coming to school this upcoming term?
The payment for such miscellaneous fees are ongoing regardless of the school suspension. For example, for the internet fee, we have servers housed in CIIT that needs internet access so we can utilize software applications such as, Edusuite, Canvas, Google Suite, especially the Adobe Creative Cloud from home. More than ever, we are much more reliant on our internet infrastructure.

If you need more details about our miscellaneous fees, feel free to send us an email at

Why are we paying for Student Council fee if there will be no physical activities in the school?
The SC Fee will be utilize to aid CIIT students with their learning needs during this time of ECQ. One example of this initiative that’s currently on the pipeline is helping Fine Art students purchase Art Materials to complete their INC. For more information on this SC initiatives, please email our Student Council at


How was the refund computed?
We computed all the cash that we were able to collect during the 2nd term then deducted all the expenses that CIIT incurred that same period. The resulting amount is the cash earnings of CIIT which we decided to return to our students. For a more detailed computation and discussion about the refund, please check SC’s Minutes of the Meeting.

How can we receive the refund?
The refund will be automatically credited to the following term if you are fully paid or deducted if you have a balance from the previous term. For graduating students with no more subjects to take this upcoming term, we will find a way to refund it to you in cash after the quarantine period.

If I won’t be able to enroll this June 15, can I use the refund the following term?
Yes. You can still use the refund the following term after the CIIT Distance Learning Term. It will still reflect on your account and will not be removed until you were able to use it.

Since the school fee of each student varies, will there be a difference in the amount of refund we will receive?
No, the same amount will be refunded to each student. Basically, the refund was taken from the miscellaneous fee wherein the difference in the amount is very little to none.