CIIT Grants Scholarship worth PHP 4.8 Million to Top 50 Applicants

Young Filipinos who aspire to delve into the world of digital arts and information technology are now one step closer to making their dreams a reality with the very first Future CIITzen Scholarship of CIIT Philippines. The said CIIT scholarship will be granted to the 50 best-performing applicants of the CIIT Admissions Test starting AY 2020-2021.

This financial grant sponsored by the institution gives aspiring students a 20% discount on both their tuition and miscellaneous fees throughout their stay in CIIT provided they meet the minimum academic requirements. The discount will automatically be applied each academic year with a total value of PHP 4.8 million pesos for each batch of 50 students.

“One of the core missions of CIIT is to ensure that quality education is accessible to Filipinos. While our tuition fees are already quite affordable and are in fact significantly lower than our competitors, we realize that many talented Filipinos still struggle to meet the financial requirements of our institution,” says Niel Dagondon, Chairman of CIIT. “The school management wants to give these aspiring and deserving students a chance for a CIIT education, so we decided to start the grant ourselves and not wait for another organization to help us out.”

The Future CIITzen Scholarship is open to all applicants of any CIIT College program and is automatically granted to the top applicants without the need for any extra application steps. Aside from being one of the top 50 applicants, the students must also maintain a minimum average grade each academic year to continue with the scholarship program.

In addition to the Future CIITzen Scholarship, our institution currently offers full academic scholarships to 5 students per year who show exceptional digital arts or programming skills through their portfolio. This scholarship was coined as the Interweave Scholarship Program to distinctly represent the culture and values of our institution. In addition to the Interweave Scholarship, existing students who are currently experiencing financial difficulties who would like to continue their studies are given the opportunity to apply for the CIIT Financial Aid Program which offers a 50% to 80% discount on Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees. Through these flagship scholarship programs, CIIT intends to open doors of opportunities to skilled young artists and technology innovators in order to motivate them to pursue their studies in the field of digital arts and information technology.

If you see yourself making the future better with art and technology, apply now at CIIT. Email us at info@ciit.edu.ph or call (02) 8441 0737 or 8441 1816 for more information.

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