The K12 Basic Education Program or K to 12 Curriculum covers Kindergarten and 12 years of basic education. The primary aim of K12 is to prepare the youth in tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship. The extended years in school intends to enable them to master concepts and skills in a particular field and develop their desire for lifelong learning.

Being one of the leading schools in Digital and Technical education in the country, CIIT Philippines offers a Senior High School program that produces students who can adapt to the changing demands of the industry, both now and in the future. We developed an industry-standard curriculum which implements hands-on learning in multimedia, animation or programming, and provides the knowledge and skills students can use even before moving up to college. The SHS curriculum of CIIT offers specialization subjects that can be credited to College especially if the student chooses to continue their studies at CIIT.



under Arts and Design Track
Leading to Bachelor of Multimedia Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts

It takes learning and experience to be an expert in the area of arts and design. Choose a surefire pathway if you are dreaming of a career in the media and creative industry. The Media and Visual Arts strand of CIIT can definitely be your stepping stone in making this happen. Our school offers a unique and specialized curriculum focusing on skill-building and industry-standard learning.

  • Specialization Subjects

    • Introduction to MMA
    • History of Graphic Design
    • Elements of Graphic Design
    • Digital Photography
    • Writing for New Media
    • Fundamentals of Film and Video Production
    • Multimedia Publishing
  • Career Options

    • Videographer
    • Photographer
    • Production Designer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Illustrator
    • Digital Artist

Sample Works


under Tech Voc Track- ICT Strand
Leading to to Bachelor of Multimedia Arts

Become the next Animator, Concept Artist or Designer by learning the best and finest techniques in animation from veteran animators themselves. The specialized curriculum in Animation is designed to equip the student with both the traditional and modern approaches in creating 2D and 3D Animation. Acquire the best foundation for designing and be a pro even before going to college.

  • Specialization Subjects

    • Traditional Animation
    • History of Graphic Design
    • Digital Animation
    • Introduction to Multimedia Arts
    • 2D Animation
    • Color Theory
    • 3D Modeling
    • Typography and Layout
  • Career Options

    • Dynamic or Animated Web Designer
    • Storyboard Artist
    • 2D and 3D Layout Artist
    • 3D Animator
    • 3D Architectural Designer


under Tech Voc Track- ICT
Leading to BS Computer Science or BS Entertainment Multimedia Computing

Experience real-world programming while in Senior High School! Immerse yourself in an industry ready curriculum focusing on developing the knowledge and skills of the students in the current methods of software development and design.

What makes our Computer Programming Unique?

  • Adaptation of the Curriculum
  • CODE.ORG is a US-based organization that makes computer science and programming skills more accessible to students and other minorities worldwide. The curriculum is developed by engineers in Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and CIIT Philippines is the first Senior High School in the country to adopt this curriculum.

  • Preparation for Philippine Programmers Rating (PPR)
  • Learn to code properly, and make lightning speed logical decisions and creative processes through the 560-hour extensive computer laboratory-based training geared towards preparing our students to take the Philippine Programmers Rating (PPR). PPR, a recognized examination by numerous members of the Philippine Software Industry Association, is the first automated assessment tool aligned with the needs of the Philippine software industry. This examination was developed to identify entry-level programming talent in the country.

    • Specialization Subjects

      • Introduction to Computing
      • Computer Programming 1&2
      • Data Structure and Algorithm
      • Information Management
      • Object Oriented Programming
      • Introduction to Game Design and Development
      • Game Programming
    • Career Options

      • System Programmer
      • System Analyst
      • Software Application Developer/Engineer
      • Graphics Programmer
      • Game Designer
      • Senior interactive Software Developer

    Sample Works

    For more information on the K-12 program of the Department of Education, and the K-12-C Program of CIIT, please visit, or CIIT’s K12 Education Program video. Questions and concerns related to the K-12-C program may be addressed through our contact information.