edusuite launch

CIIT Launches Edusuite

June marked a new chapter in CIIT’s academic operations as we have now shifted from manual advising and enlistment to our new online platform: Edusuite.

Edusuite is CIIT’s answer to advisement and enlistment woes. It is a system that automates most of the processes involved in arranging classes and subjects for both students and school staff alike. With this, not only can students see which subjects they will be taking over the course of their stay in CIIT, but they can also see the progression of their subjects; on whether they passed or failed the prerequisites and how each subject can lead to the next.

Edusuite also features a bulletin function for both teaching staff and students, ensuring that everyone is kept in their respective loops and that nobody skips a beat when it comes to deadlines and submissions.

While Edusuite is already a welcome addition to our operations, it is far from perfect and so our development team is constantly coming up with new features to address the needs of our students and staff.

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