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Navigating Your Way to Animation: The CIIT Way

If you’re going to a new place, you may whisk out your phone, choose between Google Maps and Waze, and off you go. Did you know you could view the CIIT senior high school enrollment in the same way? Instead of consulting a navigation app you like, let this article enlighten you way towards achieving your dream of a successful animation career.

Figuring out Your Journey towards Senior High School Enrollment

Just as in any travel, it pays to prepare for a journey. Likewise, know the pit stops and landmarks. Don’t forget to bring a few journey essentials, so you won’t have to do two trips. Before the first day of classes begins, here’s an ideal CIIT senior high school program itinerary you can use.

Day 0 – Before your trip
Time: 08:00 AM
Location: CIIT Office
Activity: Fill in an application form.

Be in school by 8:00 AM. When you go on a trip, take care of your ticket. In the same way, to kick-start your journey through a K-12 ready IT school, you must fill in the application form. At length, you can get it from the CIIT Office or download it here.

Time: 08:10 AM
Location: CIIT Office
Activity: Submit the completed form for processing.

Make sure the details you placed are accurate. But, of course, you wouldn’t want to have problems when you claim your boarding pass. Once you’re done with the form, submit it to the CIIT Office.

Time: 08:15 AM
Location: CIIT Cashier
Activity: Pay the senior high school enrollment entrance fee and take the test.

It always pays to prepare. As if you’re going through the immigration, you need to take the CIIT senior high school program test, set Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Therefore, you got plenty of time to review, just in case!

After taking the test, wait for the results. If you passed it, you’ll get an acceptance letter and the enrollment procedure. While waiting, did you worry about the results? In the same way, when you learned you passed, did you jump for joy as if you received a visa? This only means your senior high school animation journey has officially begun!

enior high school enrollment planning your itinerary with a notebook and eye glasses on the table

Day 1
Time:  08:00 AM
Location: Academics
Activity: Interview with Academics/Submission of Requirements

It’s the actual day of the senior high school enrollment! Do you have everything you need? Further, have you packed your essentials, so you’ll have a hassle-free trip? Here’s the list of requirements you shouldn’t forget:

  • CIIT test result
  • Certification of Junior High School completion
  • Certification of good moral character
  • Form 138 (report card)
  • Form 137 (secondary students permanent record)
  • National Career Assessment Exam (NCAE) certificate
  • 4 copies of 1×1 ID photo with white background
  • Medical exam referral form from CIIT’s partner clinic (the CIIT office will give the referral form prior to enrollment)

If you’re all set, proceed to the interview with the Academics. However, don’t worry! Department heads will advise you on the course and the subjects you must take. Once done, go to the School Nurse for a brief medical exam orientation. In addition, continue to the Registrar’s Office for verification of your admission documents. Hence, you’ve passed the immigration counterpart of your trip to the Animation World.

Time: 09:00 AM
Location: Registration and Cashier
Activity: Get Your Schedule: Registration and Assessment

Are you ready for the trip? Approach rather the Registrar to manage your forms. Settle the fees and print your schedule and official receipt. Likewise, hold on to them because they’ll serve as your boarding pass. Congratulations! You’re about to board the CIIT K-12 program plane.

senior high school enrollment in CIIT will launch your Digital Animation Career similar to a plane for takeoff

Senior High School Enrollment: Animation Track Activities

Welcome to the Animation World! Here at CIIT, you’ll find plenty of activities you can enjoy as you learn. In particular, they’ll equip you to help you explore the real world.

1. Drawing, Painting, and Art

Although much of animation involves graphic and web designing, schools still want future animators to hone these basic skills. Learn to draw and render various bodies, figures, and facial features. In fact, classes in studio art can help you master life drawing and teach you how to play with color and the fluidity of paint on canvas.

2. Computer and Technology

While a few artists are still using old methods, most animation techniques today are computer-generated. Animators now use technology to create 2D and 3D effects. In addition, they may direct and edit animated TV shows and movies, so they must be skilled in using tools and software. To gain these skills, you must join classes in computer science to master college courses.

senior high school enrollment lesson on computers

3. Humanities, Mathematics, and Science

Science, such as biology and physics, will let you render the human body by mastering its movement and anatomy. Mathematics classes, on the other hand, will help you succeed in analysis and logic. Social studies, literature, and creative writing from humanities classes will further help you to be a great storyteller.

4. Clubs, School Papers, and Internships

Besides studies, take part in extracurricular events by serving as an artist for your school paper or joining art and film clubs to refine skills and meet other artists. In the same way, you can ask your school for art or animation-related internships you can take and add to your achievements.

In choosing the school for your senior high school enrollment, don’t forget how riding in the CIIT K-12 program plane will maximize your potential during your stay. The ride, so far, will make you soar to your dream animation career right away.

Classes start now! What are you waiting for? Enroll at CIIT Philippines’ K12-ready SHS Animation program now!

Need a handy guide when you enroll, check out the infographic below!

ciit philippines k-12 program

 Download a copy of this infographic here.


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Image Source: pexels. com

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