Online Admissions

Admission and enrollment processes are done online.
Where to reach us?

College & SHS

Take the entrance exam in the comfort of your own home even while on quarantine! We are shifting CIIT’s College Admissions Exam from the traditional to online during this quarantine period. This way, you can maximize the time and pursue applying for College while still ensuring everyone’s safety. Simply follow the steps below on how to apply and schedule your online examination soon!

Step 1: Fill-out the Pre-Registration Form
Please fill out the pre-registration form and submit the following documents to

Good Moral from GC or Principal
G9 & G10 1S Report Card (F138)
PSA Birth Certificate

College Freshman
Good Moral
G11 & Partial G12 Report Card
PSA Birth Certificate

College Transferee / 2nd Courser
Good Moral
Latest Copy of Grades
PSA Birth Certificate

Note: The applicant is required to submit the names and email addresses of two (2) recommenders from the previous school, preferably the guidance counselor, class adviser, or principal, who can fill-out the auto-generated recommendation form.

STEP 2: Pay Online the Admission Exam Fee of P500

Settle the non-refundable admission exam fee of P500 via our Online Payment System. Go to then choose to pay via Dragonpay or Credit/Debit card. For detailed instructions on making a payment, visit payment options. Once done with your payment, please make sure to submit the proof of payment to

STEP 3: Wait for the confirmation from our Admissions Officer

Wait for the Admissions Team to coordinate and confirm the status of your pre-registration. Upon confirmation, details of the online admission exam will be provided to your registered email address.

STEP 4: Take the online admission exam.

CIIT only processes applicants who have submitted the admission requirements and completed the online admission exam. The date of release of the admission exam results will be communicated to the applicant by the Admissions Team.

STEP 5: Confirm your slot and settle the reservation fee.
Confirm a slot then settle the P5,000 non-refundable reservation fee. CIIT would also extend scholarship offers to qualified applicants for AY 2021-2022 and may require a reservation to confirm the slot.

Specialist Students

  1. Fill out the Specialist Application and Enrollment Forms
  2. Send the forms to
  3. Settle payment via
  4. Once the forms and payment have been verified, an onboarding guideline will be sent to your registered email.