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The Trend of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Gaming World

Today, people get the hang of playing virtual reality games or trending concepts that use augmented reality. The rise of different games that use these kinds of tech-advents upgraded the gaming experience of their users. It’s more than bringing you to another dimension in both the real and digital worlds; the game has stressed the contrasts between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). It took heights to provide the users with engagement and unique experience continuously. However, aren’t you curious about how game developers create marvelous games—addictive ones that give you sleepless nights. You can now learn how to create mobile games with the help of a mobile game programming course. Pros and students can now help bring the best modern tools into the present world.

To start your journey on the mobile game development route, you must first know what makes AR and VR different from each other. Allow us to share these key points before you start creating your dream mobile game. Why should incoming senior high school students take the senior high school programming strand? Is there a lucrative career that awaits student that takes Computer Science with specialization in Game Development and Mobile Technologies? Find answers to your questions here!

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Mobile Game Programming Course: How to Start this Lucrative Career

Mobile programming caters to a part of the digital domain where applications and mobile tech innovations happen. As technology advents make room for virtual and augmented reality infused game trends, future mobile game programmers must have knowledge and skills about how these two important ideas differ from each other.

As technology keeps on buzzing trends and tapping extraordinary platforms to provide users with entertainment, taking a mobile game programming course becomes an efficient career decision. Aside from that our economy continues to progress along with technology; this career route opens a pool of opportunities where you can land. Before anything else, how do VR and AR technology differs from each other? As you target your goal in creating the best mobile game, do you know which of these two should you use? This infographic will help you understand how they differ.

How Do Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Differ From Each Other?

mobile game programming course: how virtual reality differs from augmented reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that engages users in a virtual world. With compatible devices, most commonly computers, spawn a virtual environment, setting or event to engross the user. Basically, virtual reality provides a false dimension. The sole purpose of VR is to recreate a virtual dimension where its user can stimulate a setting or a different dimension through their senses. Users often use tools to immerse their selves in a different dimension completely. There are advanced and innovated tools like headset, goggles, helmet, Google Cardboard, players, lenses displays, and headphones.

VR technology brings users to a different dimension or setting by cutting off the real world. Imagine the ability to experience a 360-degree world you’ve been wanting. The only downfall for VR tech is it hinders users from interacting to the virtual objects in the altered dimension.

Augmented Reality

On the other hand, augmented reality provides a more realistic dimension. Virtual reality and real environment setting mix together to offer a more genuine gaming experience. AR’s goal is to enhance a user’s mobile experience in a real-environment setting with added virtual features. It requires almost the same line of tools to alter perception; however, it elevates the current dimension where the user is and immerses the virtual features in the setting. Thus, it creates a much realistic experience that offers users a unique gaming height.

Indeed, different tech advents continue to emerge in various industries. The inevitable change from the old means of entertainment to innovations like VR and AR games require us to move along and take part in upbringing the best in our means. So, if you want to create your own virtual or augmented reality game, a game development school like CIIT can help you layout your career blueprint. CIIT offers mobile game programming course that helps you become one of the top mobile game developers our country can take pride. For more queries, visit our site or send your questions to info@ciit.edu.ph.

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