The victors of Class 2015: CIIT’s fourth commencement exercises

One of the most-awaited event in a student’s life is the day he finally sets foot on that stage where his diploma awaits, where he can finally reap the fruit of his hard work. Graduation day is always exciting – no more exams, no more sleepless nights, looking forward to what lies ahead; of what they will make of their lives after this day. Yet it is also filled with a mix of emotions – anxious about the next chapter, sad leaving the familiar corners of the school, leaving some of their friends behind. But then again, this is it! It’s time to end this chapter to start anew.

April 25, 2015 was the day that ended it all and ironically, started a new chapter in the lives of our 37 graduates. The PETA Theater was a witness to this significant event, marking the day CIIT proudly sets off its graduates for class 2015, to carry its name with pride and honor.

Mr. Niel Dagondon, President of CIIT, shared his two cents on what the students will need to become successful as they go along their new journey – potential, passion, practice, perseverance, and people. “Practice in order to get there. Do the things you need to do and the things you love.” Fueling the passion of the students has always been infused with the vision of the school through top-notch curriculum and latest tools and technologies thereby producing industry-ready graduates. These are students who are career-ready before they leave the four walls of the school.

Isabel Regina Gomez, the class salutatorian, is one of those students who landed a career even before graduation. She departed an inspiring message to his fellow students and acknowledged the important lessons she learned at CIIT. Despite the challenge of taking up the unfamiliar course which was 3D Animation, she is now considered as one of the rising stars in Anino Playlab, one of the largest game development firms in the country. “Thank you CIIT for teaching us how to create something out of nothing. For giving us the ability to create and innovate.”

Class Valedictorian, Jim Mikael Carpio, was the victor of them all. And as he leads the class to their final day, he reminds them to value every opportunity, as they will never know what these opportunities may bring. “We are all experiments”, he adds that may the unique learning experience they got from CIIT be a useful tool as they go along this new journey.

To all the Class of 2015, congratulations for this amazing feat! CIIT wishes you all the best as you go along a new journey. We are proud of you!

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