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Defend Your Thesis Design from the Best in the Industry

Thesis Defenses are the stuff of academic horrors. Countless men and women look back at their thesis defenses and cringe at the sheer fear and anxiety they felt during that important but terrifying ordeal. Of course, it’s designed to appear in that manner. The thesis defense is the final test to check if a student deserves to graduate. It is the final hurdle before the student can enter the pressure and stress-filled world of employment. It’s the final trial before a student can leave the school and wear the name of that institution as a badge, something that would separate him with the rest of flock. It’s no different at the CIIT.

In the continuing effort to produce the best and mold our students to become the brightest in the field of Digital Arts, CIIT has decided to get the most outstanding contemporary artists working in the field at the present as panel lists of the recent defenses which happened at the school. Some of the names who graciously graced us with our presence and who took the time to share their valuable insights and their mastery of the craft were Dan Matutina, Rob Cham, and Patrick Cabral, all of whom took the art scene by storm at a very young age and all have been speakers at the country’s most prestigious digital arts event; Graphika Manila. With their knowledge, they were able to judge the works and outputs of some of the school’s candidates for graduation, and, in one last session, provided them with valuable information on how to push their crafts a bit further. At the same time, the defenses became a sort of trial of fire, wherein the artists invited gave each student their blessings to join their collective and the group who pride themselves on their artistry and imagination, a proof of that they finally has what one needs to become pioneers of arts themselves.

We thank the artists for the time they shared with us and we wish those who were at the defense a job well done and luck on their future. We at CIIT will eagerly watch your careers flourish and watch out for your victories and successes. And to the rest of the students, trust that we will continue this tradition to give you the best, and provide you with what you need to be the next generation of digital artists.

Smart Strap present in front the defense panel composed of some of the best talented young artists in the Philippines

Patrick Cabral, Dan Matutina, Rob Cham of Create.ph and Robert Ancheta

After every group presents, the panel critiques and provides assessment and comments right after.

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