mtv featuring ciit students

Up Dharma Down Features MTV by CIIT Students

Last school year, CIIT students’ Mitzi Michaela Cabrera and Michelle Karyl Nerona made an extraordinary project in Professor Jason Moss’ class where they used their artistry and their skills to produce an extraordinary music video that showcased the brilliance of CIIT’s brightest. Well, we at the CIIT is proud to announce and inform everyone that the same video was noticed by Up Dharma Down. As a gesture of appreciation and gratefulness to their fans, and to acknowledge their efforts, Up Dharma Down has posted their video on their blog site for everyone to see.

This is the kind of work CIIT can be proud of. Not only did it excel in the classroom, it was able to capture the attention of renowned musicians and penetrated the public sphere. This is what happens when you infuse passion and fun in tasks and school requirements. It exceeds expectations and become so much more. We hope that this short anecdote becomes an inspiration to students to push their ideas a little further and pour their hearts out into every endeavor. And finally, we wish to congratulate Mitizi Karylle for their small victory and look forward to their next projects and their future accomplishments.

Screen capture of the blog post in Up Dharma Down’s Tumblr account

Mitzi Michaela Cabrera and Michelle Karyl Nerona holding on to the more than 1800 pages of paper used to create an MTV of Up Dharma Down’s “Clarity”.

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