CIIT 2014 Video “Faces” Launches at Graphika Manila

CIIT College of Arts and Technology launched its audio-visual presentation for 2014 during the 9th Graphika Manila, an annual convention of graphic designers, last Saturday, 1 February 2014, at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay.

The video entitled “Faces” highlighted the different facets of the school; how students from all over the country join to share their passion for the arts and technology. The aim of the video is to showcase what makes the school truly unique — its culture,camaraderie, talents, lives, and shared passions of all the students and faculty.

CIIT presented the video to the audience, composed mostly of graphic designers and art students, not only to display the school but also to show full support to the annual convention. For three years in a row, CIIT have been supporting Graphika Manila as its major sponsor.

Get a glimpse of what CIIT really is by clicking the link to the video below. Listen to what our Multimedia Arts and Computer Science students say about their experience. Let their creativity inspire you to become one of them.

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