AsiaPop Comicon Convention 2018 - CIIT Philippines join this year's convention


CIIT Philippines Takes Over the AsiaPop Comicon 2018

DAY 1: Dennis Rueda, CIIT Media

Anticipation and excitement fills up the people as the first day of AsiaPop Comicon opens its doors to the people at SMX Convention Center last July 27, 2018.

With the said event, CIIT definitely didn’t want to be left behind so we went and shared our works, passion, and ambition with the many creative and aspiring who attended. The event was a mix of different types of people all interacting with each other to showcase their works and talents. As the place flooded with workshops, independent artist, and celebrity guest, CIIT Team also wanted to reach out to the people and let them know that we have many things to offer more than just a name. The art student organization, Atelier, has participated and conducted a live drawing demo as well.

Through the hustle and bustle of the people working, talking, and sharing ideas and works, I can’t seem to shake off the feeling of an unspoken bond of conventions. The gathering of people with the same interest and passion to grow and socialize with one another and to share and strive to be better stayed with me as we went home.

DAY 2: Royd Ville Francisco, CIIT Media

On July 28, 2018, AsiaPop Comicon saw its second day with a long line of people, eagerly awaiting the opening of the event despite being an hour early.

That long line didn’t discourage CIIT’s resident artists from the student organization Pixel Hive to perform a live digital painting demo that day. Like the typical APCC flow, APCC 2018 filled the whole SMX Convention Center with people who were enthusiastic to participate in every booth prepared by the different companies and organizations, along with people who were truly passionate with their craft and hobbies.

The students who were assigned to showcase for the school for that day livened up the atmosphere of the booth by doing a collaborative live painting. The demonstration was conducted and hosted by April Sanico, Justin Leyva, and Zeke De Guzman. The three concluded the day by finishing multiple numbers of finished works that were rendered digitally, which left the audience amazed.

DAY 3: Czecilia De Leon, CIIT Media

The rush from the past few days did not fade even on its third day; Even from just waiting until the opening of the gates, the excitement for AsiaPop Comicon 2018 was felt as if it was still Day One of the event.

With the new day comes new faces to represent the CIIT booth: Jasper España, Joyce Garcia, Arianne Sapalaran, and Dasley Dalusong stepped up to the plate and completed their live demonstrations of both 3D Sculpting and Digital Drawing.

The students’ excellent presentations, along with the great work of the CIIT staff in regards to those who inquired about the school, made the CIIT booth busy and energetic. Even until the end, near closing time, people gathered around and watched in awe as the students finished up their works.

As we packed up, the fatigue finally caught up with everyone—and yet, there were bright smiles on everyone’s faces, satisfied and proud of themselves. We all each congratulated each other for the hard work, and went home together, much thankful for the opportunity.

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