CIIT Playfest 2018 Basketball

Goodbye Semester, Hello CIIT Playfest 2018: Ending the Term with Chill and Fun

Why end the last day of the term so grimly if you can end it with endless laughter, food, and games? Well, that’s what we do here at CIIT. Last August 24 (Friday), the CIIT students closed the term with a get-together called “CIIT Playfest 2018”. The indefatigable CIIT Student Council (SC) spearheaded the mini festival filled with games, movies, music, and more.

True to its name, Playfest featured a play area at the 7th floor gymnasium of the Interweave Building. Students loved the Velcro Jump and the Basketball Arcade. Well, how can one survive fun time without food? So, the SC invited a variety of stores that offer delightful snacks and drinks. For students who simply love to chill, a movie marathon was arranged in the middle of the venue.

CIIT Playfest 2018: I Scream Ice Cream
Photo credits to Ralph Kenneth Siy

One of the most-awaited Playfest games is the “I Scream Ice Cream” of Pixel Hive. Days before the event, students and staff formed a group of three. On the game proper, the competitive and energetic groups competed for the shortest time to finish a 1.5-liter ice cream. In the end, the winners remarkably completed the game in a span of 51 seconds. On the other hand, the last team finished the game for over 13 minutes.

The organizers conducted Amazing Race in the afternoon and a music session in the evening. The whole event transpired from 2PM to 9PM. The day was filled with fun and relaxation. It was indeed a joyous treat for the students after a tough school term.

Fun Games at CIIT Playfest 2018
Photo credits to Joshua Balleras

Kudos to CIIT Student Council and organizations for ending the term of our #CIITzens in a good light. Enjoy the term break, folks!

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