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Back to School Guide to Help You Survive the “New Normal”

School’s starting soon! Prepare yourself as you’ll meet your teachers and classmates once again for another exciting school year. But this year might be different from previous ones, for most of your meetings will be done virtually. This semester, public and private schools will start to implement blended learning as their primary method of teaching. Instead of attending your usual brick and mortar classrooms, we’ll take advantage of various digital innovations and slowly shift to online education. Read on to know more about this new normal school setup and tips on how to cope with this learning environment.

Online Education as the New Normal

The concept of distance learning exists as early as mid-19th century. However, it became more popular during early ‘90s because of the ever-growing technology. With the rise of the internet and access to cheaper devices, many schools started offering this type of learning setup. Despite the many positive claims and promises of online learning, it still wasn’t the top choice of many parents and students. Many still preferred conventional face-to-face classes—until COVID-19 happened.

Due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases, many places around the globe practice safety measures such as social distancing. Similarly, our government declared numerous areas in our country placed under community quarantine. Naturally, this will affect everyday activities, including the opening of classes for this school year. However, the Department of Education (DepEd) firmly believes that we should not halt this school year; and instead suggests using online education as the primary mode of learning to cope up with this new normal.

Online Learning Starter Kit

Know how you can have a better online learning experience. Prepare for the upcoming opening of classes with these online learning essentials.

Reliable Gadget

No, you don’t need to splurge a lot of money to buy a new gadget. You might already have a desktop or laptop sitting around the corner of your study area. You can also ask your relatives or friends if they have old but working gadgets which you can borrow. Check your resources before buying a new one.

Stable Internet Connection

Since most of the modules and meetings will be available and held online, you must secure a stable internet signal. This way, you’ll be able to take part online without delays. Another tip is to download all your learning modules ahead so you can browse them even if you’re offline.

Comfortable Workspace

Find a quiet and well-lit spot where you can install your study area. Organize your desk to make it more conducive for studying. Set up good ventilation to feel more comfortable and motivated.

Online Classes Survival Guide

Online Education Essentials

Create a Schedule

Manage your time wisely while you’re at home. Jot down all your tasks and arrange them based on priority. Keep a journal to track your school works and to remind yourself of the upcoming deadlines. Don’t skip classes and always read your modules to help you ace this semester.

Stay Away from Distractions

It’s hard to focus when you’re surrounded by distractions. Take your phone for instance. Seeing your phone might bring you the urge to check your social media profile every minute. That said; keep your phone away during your study hours to avoid unnecessary online lurking.

Submit Work on Time

Being at home gives you all the reasons to procrastinate. However, keep in mind that even though all your classes happen online, your work will be graded just the same. Hence, put effort in all your subjects and don’t forget to comply with deadlines.

Know Your Learning Style

Finding your learning style will help you a lot, especially while studying online. Are you a visual learner? What about auditory learner? Know your learning style so you can devise a study plan that would work best for you.

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Keep in Touch

Always join online discussions. This way, you’ll feel more connected with your peers and teachers even though you’re miles apart. You can also start an online forum with your school friends where you can share your thoughts and resources.

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