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Online Courses That Will Keep You Busy This Quarantine

Are you looking for something worthwhile to do during this quarantine period? This is the perfect time to improve your skills while staying indoors. Beat your boredom with these productive online courses. Read on to know more of these virtual learning sites.

Perks of Taking Online Courses

Here are the things you’ll be able to enjoy when you enroll in online classes:

Great Deal of Possibilities

Are you planning to level up your career? Whether you’re eyeing for a new degree or just looking for another hobby, the online educational space can surely help you. Most online courses today grant certificates which you can include to your credentials. Find more career chances and build more networks with an improved skill set.

Safer and More Convenient

Since most areas today are still under community quarantine, traditional face-to-face schools are closed until further notice. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enroll this school year without compromising your safety. To adapt to the released health guidelines, most schools now offer distance learning options to help the students continue with their programs. Not only is it safer; it also allows students to work at their own pace, within the comfort of their homes.

Lower Cost

Aside from school fees, a big chunk of student’s budget goes to fares and snacks. With online learning, you don’t need to travel far to access your daily modules. Skip the morning rush with this setup. You can access your classes just by logging in to your online account. Also, you can save a penny or two by enjoying healthy meals at home.

Variety of Topics

If you think nothing interests you, then you’ve probably never searched for sites that offer free online courses—arts, science, business, language, gaming, and more! Explore these sites and find something that will pique your interest. It may be to gain a skill set or to live your childhood dreams!

Online Courses that Can Make Your Quarantine More Productive

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1. Learn from world-class universities

Do you want to earn a certificate from renowned schools such as Princeton, Stanford, and Yale? Save the hassle of traveling far with Coursera. Coursera is a popular online learning site that offers degree and free online courses from the world’s top universities and organizations. Check their website and view programs on variety of topics such as business, social sciences, machine learning, and more.

Site: Coursera

2. Improve your technical skills

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) supports determined Filipinos looking for skills enhancement programs on agriculture, business, and mechanics, among others. The online programs seek to prepare the students in advancing their careers or building their own small businesses. On top of all, people can access these courses for free! So, if you’re planning to open your small business during this quarantine, head over to their website for free resources.

Site: TESDA Online Program

3. Grow your business

Learn new skills that you’ll need in order to succeed in the digital arena with the world’s most used web search engine—Google. The firm created Google Digital Garage to help more people gain in-demand skills in data and tech, digital marketing, and career development. The site is easy to use, allowing students to choose their preferred learning plan for free. Check their site to know more of their programs.

Site: Google Digital Garage

4. Harness your communication skills

Before we even shifted our school setup to blended learning due to the pandemic, the University of the Philippines (UP) was already offering online learning courses through the UP Open University (UPOU). As one of the pioneers of distance learning in the country, UPOU has improved, if not perfected, their online learning programs. The online courses they offer seek to equip the students with adept knowledge in information and communication to progress their career. Head over to their site to know more of their course offerings.

Site: UP Online University

5. Develop your knack in arts and technology

Want to learn about animation, graphic design, game development, or programming this coming school year? CIIT Philippines is now offering online courses for students interested in arts and IT. All class activities will be done using virtual learning apps so you won’t need to head out to find high-quality arts and IT education. Aside from SHS and Bachelor’s Degree programs, they also offer short courses for professionals interested in multimedia, web programming, and digital marketing. Check their site to see their programs.

Site: CIIT Philippines

Make your home stay more worthwhile with these online learning sites. Start learning new skills which you can use to progress your career. So, what are you waiting for? Check these online courses today and enroll in the best program that fits your needs.

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