CIIT Journey: The Single Mom who Empowers the World to Design

Being a solo parent is not an easy task. Even more, when you have a full-time job commitment that requires you to be on your desk from 9 AM to 5 PM.

One of our specialist students, however, proved that working as a full-time mom and a full-time marketing professional all at the same time is not a hurdle to go after her passion — design.

Meet Louise Linh Dalangin, our 29-year old specialist student from CIIT Alabang who shared with us a glimpse of her career journey. Linh is currently empowering the world to design as a community manager in Canva. Last November 16, she joined the Digital Illustration & Page Design class to upskill her design skills and become a better marketing designer.

Why did you choose to study your current/chosen program?
I chose CIIT because of the flexibility it offers to 9-5ers like myself and its proximity to my home down south. The inclusion of an Adobe Creative Suite for a year was surely the most important factor. That allowed me to apply what I learned even after the program ended.

How and where did your passion for (skill/specialty) started?
My passion for digital marketing and illustration started while I was already in the workforce. Admittedly, I have no idea what I was doing but I had a strong desire to learn. So I decided to take up online classes. It was great but only for a little while as I missed having personal interactions with an actual class. Then I saw CIIT’s Specialist Classes which had schedules on weekends and the rest is history.

Are there any achievements/recognition related to your passion that you received, so far? Can you take us to that story?
This is not an achievement but more of a really heartwarming experience. An organization based in the US reached out to me on Instagram regarding my digital illustrations and we talked about collaborating for a children’s coloring book which aims to teach kids about different skin colors and ethnicities. Most of the artists who joined were already working in animation studios or have their own art shops but I’m just happy to be part of something that would be impactful to the next generation. Hoping to be part of more similar projects someday.

What keeps you motivated to pursue your passion or career?
The creative space makes me content but what keeps me going is my son. I am raising him as a solo parent and I hope that when he grows up, he’d see his mother at the peak of her chosen career path and the peak of her happiness. Hoping that he’d also see that there is great work in design and marketing.

Who are your biggest influencers or inspiration? And, why?
“In life and at work, my father is my biggest inspiration. He sets the standards on how to run a successful business and how to still enjoy life with your family. I hope to be as brave and wise as him.
In the marketing industry, I look up to Chris Do. He is the CEO and founder of The Futur—an online education platform with the mission of teaching 1 billion people how to make a living doing what they love. I like reading his social media posts and listening to his podcasts as they all give me both an insider and outsider’s view of the world of design. I was even surprised to know that he’s also of Vietnamese descent like me. In one of his new books “Pocket Full of Do”, he mentioned that we should have “Less Inspiration, More Perspiration.” To put it into context:

“You must work to bring your ideas to fruition. You must take action. Action is where the magic lies.”

What are you looking forward to in your future career?
“More opportunities are opening up for marketing and design enthusiasts so I hope to be one of the lucky ones who are given the chance to grab them. With the learnings and certifications I received from CIIT, I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

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