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Top 20 Cities for 3D Animation Professionals

The 3D animation trade promises a good future as firms tap modern technology for business use. Owners and leaders can make viral selling techniques and find ease in staff training using this technology. Aside from this, 3D animation can help well in product launching. With many jobs available in the market, 3D artists are still at a loss finding the perfect place to promote their talents. Thus, which cities, do you suppose, offer the most promising careers in animation?

Where to Find Opportunities

What follows is a list of top cities (any order) worldwide that thrive in the animation and gaming industries.

This region is home to animation and is where you will find the city that introduced “anime” and “manga”. It houses the world’s newest, fastest growing animation hubs. For a handful of Asian cities, this trade is not just a prime source of entertainment but a part of modern culture.

1) Tokyo
2) Seoul
3) Shanghai
4) Bangalore
5) Istanbul
6) Singapore
7) Tel Aviv

Animation and gaming found mainstream success in its key cities since the birth and fame of mobile applications and the region is home to thriving studios.

8) Madrid
9) Paris
10) Reykjavik
11) Stockholm
12) Hamburg
13) London
14) Utrecht
15) Helsinki
16) Moscow

What is good about working in the following two cities is that they offer studios that can house moving animators.

17) Brisbane
18) Auckland

With these cities’ inclusion into the top outsourcing destinations list for 2015 (2014 Tholons), jobs for animation and game developers are available in these areas. Likewise, these cities offer various programs that support the trade.

19) Sao Paulo
20) Buenos Aires

Source: animationcareerreview.com

Pieces of Advice

As a skilled animator and game developer who desire to land a better paying job, you may visit these countries. Apart from salary, you must also consider the cost of living, language, culture, and the quality of life there.

As a student who wants to become adept at game development, you should pick the proper school and find one that can offer you value for your money.

Animators and game developers alike have greater chances of landing a job outside the country. Why not focus on enhancing your skills to improve your craft. Check CIIT Philippines for details on 3D animation courses to equip yourself with more knowledge so you can land your dream job in another country.

Image courtesy of sumetho at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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