Which Senior High School Track Suits Your Personality

Career choices take the center stage when jump-starting your career. Of the four main senior high school tracks: Academic track, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track, Sports track, and Arts and Design track, you must choose what track fits your personality and interests. There are various ways to know your personality type. You can take a personality quiz or consult a guidance counselor. However, peer pressure, demand, environment, and availability of senior high school tracks affect your possible career choices. This article aims to assess your personality through a personality quiz from Myers-Briggs personality test. Also, this is just to give you an idea of career options depending on your personality and track choice.

a pile of notebook and a cup of coffee above a pavement, it shows a personality of student which is important in choosing among the senior high school tracks to pursue

Why Is It Important to Choose from These Senior High School Tracks Depending on Your Personality?

One of the steps in picking among these senior high school tracks is to know first your interests and personality. Your taste, vibe, and hobbies shape your career and allow you to bloom in what trail you’ll take. So come aboard the Senior High School Train Express and head to your right track.

How to Identify Your Personality Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Test

In Myers-Briggs personality test, there are two steps to know your personality type. This personality quiz aims to define your probable personality type and the matching career options that you can take. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a reliable tool to measure personality and behavior.  As per Carl Jung (185-1961), a Swiss Psychologist, there are four categories of our inborn preferences: orientation to the world, take in info, make decisions, and deciding. Choose which side describes you truly and check your results to know your personality type. Also, we’ve listed senior high school tracks that you can take along with possible career per track.

Orientation to the World: Extraversion or Introversion

Where do you prefer to direct your energy?

E for Extroversion

Do you enjoy talking to people and mingling with your peers? If you focus more on taking your energy from the outside world and regains your drive from interacting with people, Extroversion is what describes you. Most people who have this character prefer communicating through a verbal channel.

I for Introversion
If you enjoy being alone rather than talking to other people most of the time, Introversion terms your orientation to the world. People who direct energies from their inner thoughts, beliefs, and ideas fall into this section.

Drive for Taking in Information: Sensing or Intuition

How do you prefer to process information?

S for Sensing
If you’re more in the realistic part of every situation and you deal with the facts that you know, you prefer to process information by sensing. Myers-Briggs describe you as a practical, concrete, and traditional person. You deal with situations attentively to details and works on your tasks orderly. If you dwell more on the present, sensing is how you like to process info.

N for Intuition
People who dwell more on the future outcome use their imagination and creatively to see a bigger a picture of a scene. It means they prefer intuition to process info. If you get bored of following routines and orderly tasks, loves gaining new skills and solving problem, you’re an intuitive person.

In Making Decisions: Thinking or Feeling

How do you prefer to make decisions?

T for Thinking
In this category, you decide based on your analytical view and appear to be tough. When making a decision, you are reasonable and prefer to question the consequences of your decision. If cracking snags ignites your vibe and weighs the pros and cons of each setting, then you prefer to make decisions by thinking.

F for Feeling
You base your decision on values and dwells more on your feeling. When deciding, you prefer to base on your personal values, beliefs or how you will affect other people. You appear empathetic and show compassion towards other people. Unlike people who prefer thinking in decision-making, you are tenderer and values harmony.

Making Decisions: Judging or Perceiving

How do you prefer to organize your life?

J for Judging
If you love to do things in order and to plan your tasks, you prefer to a systematic view of your life. You are fond of scheduled tasks and love to follow methods in finishing your tasks. You believe that you need to follow a routine for a less hassle and stress-free life.

P for Perceiving
People who prefer perceiving to organize their tasks are flexible and respond to situations as they emerge. People like you are spontaneous and open to fast changes. You even treat pressures as energizers and can easily act to sudden changes.

Results: Senior High School Tracks and Your Career Options

List of results after taking the Myers-Brigs Personality test and the corresponding senior high school tracks that can fit you
Indeed, choosing among these senior high school tracks is one of the most important steps to kick-start your career. Your personality type will help you pick the right career track and boost your confidence to do more and achieve professional growth. Personality quiz like this can help you to decide if you’re still puzzled on what senior high school track to take.  CIIT is equipped with competencies to help you reach your goal. Regardless of your personality type, if you wish to pursue senior high school programming, animation, multimedia and other courses, CIIT invites you. Visit our page and inquire today.