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CIIT Philippines believes in the future of Digital Arts, Technology, and Entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Hence, we support aspiring and passionate students to move closer to their dreams through our college scholarships.  

***The application period is currently closed. Please await further announcements.

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Scholarship Types

Interweave Scholarship Program
The Interweave Scholarship is offered to incoming first-year students who have recently graduated from Senior High School. This scholarship is available for graduating honor students from both CIIT SHS and other schools. Candidate Eligibility:
  1. Must be an incoming college student either from CIIT SHS or another Senior High School
  2. Must be a fresh SHS Graduate with Completed Admission Credentials
  3. Must pass the College Admissions Test and have been successfully admitted to their program of choice.
  4. Must have achieved a minimum average grade of 93% or its equivalent (3.2 based on the CIIT Grading System) in their previous senior high school.
  5. Must have no failing grades
  6. Must have no major offense as certified by their Prefect of Discipline
  7. Must attain an excellent evaluation of their submitted portfolio to the Scholarship Screening Committee.
  1. Accomplished Application Form
  2. At least two Faculty Recommendation Letters
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character or recommendation from the Guidance and Counseling Center
  4. Interview with Scholarship Committee
  5. A 2-5 minute video presentation on why the student should be granted a scholarship

100% discount on Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee.
CIIT Financial Aid Program
The CIIT Financial Aid is offered to currently enrolled students in good standing who are experiencing financial challenges in paying for the school fees. The student must have completed at least (1) Academic Year to qualify for this program. Eligibility
  1. Must be an undergraduate student of any Bachelor’s Degree in CIIT
  2. Must have completed a minimum of one (1) year or three (3) terms in CIIT
  3. Has submitted proof of a Monthly Family budget per person below P8,000 (excluding a home loan, rent, utilities, and food)
  4. Cumulative GPA of at least 2.8
  5. Must not have any grade lower than 2.00 in any subject at any given period
  6. Must have no failing grades
  7. Must not have any major offense
  8. Has an outstanding Student Output and/or Portfolio
  1. Accomplished Application Form
  2. Minimum of two Faculty Recommendation Letters
  3. Payslip/s of all working Parents & Guardians
  4. Photocopy of the ID of all Financiers of Students’ Total Fees
  5. Clearance from the Guidance Office
  6. Interview with Scholarship Committee
  7. A 2-5 minute video presentation on why the student should be granted a scholarship
Additional Requirements as deemed needed: 
  1. Latest Certificate of Employment with Compensation
  2. Certificate of Unemployment from Barangay for all non-working parents and/or guardians

50% to 80% discount on Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees
How do I apply?
  1. Fill-up the CIIT Scholarship Application Form and send the complete requirements to the Student Affairs Office (SAO) via sao@ciit.edu.ph.
  2. Wait for the scheduled interview from SAO. At this stage, they’ll interview the Applicant and/or their Parents/Guardians.
  3. Wait for the decision of the Application by the Scholarship Committee and School Board
  4. Sign the MOU and attend the orientation on the scholarship policies.

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