CIIT Commencement Ceremony

Unlocking New Levels, Marching on to New Grounds: The 2018 CIIT Commencement Ceremony

It’s the time of the school year that goodbyes are spoken, not for good, of course, but to move forward to the next chapter. A new set of graduates has finally stepped up and now on their way to the future that they prepared themselves into for the past few years. The 29th of September 2018 will always be a day to remember for the CIIT batch 2017–2018. It was the day that 114 CIITzens finally closed the doors to college life and opened a new one to the real world.

It can be said that everyone has been waiting for the graduation day. More than the excited students are enthusiastic parents, family, and friends who have been their backbone over the years–financially, mentally and even, emotionally. The anticipation of the parents can be witnessed in the first hour of the ceremony as they crowded the aisle for the entrance of graduates just to take a snap of their kids walking the red carpet. The look of pride and joy was evident in the faces of faculty members who were so thrilled to witness these young folks in togas after years of teaching and mentoring them in and out of the classroom. Of course, the biggest smiles that brightened the ceremony the most were the high-spirited students who were about to receive their diploma that signifies the fruit of their labor.

CIIT Commencement Ceremony: The Graduates of Batch 2018

“Finally, this day happened. I thank the Lord above for making this possible. After all that sleepless night, finishing the thesis, doing revisions, cramming for projects etc., we now survived and accomplished everything.” Audrelene Janelle Paez from the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts and this year’s cum laude mentioned in her valedictory speech. Indeed, college life at CIIT was not an easy feat. There were overlapping assignments, projects, and exams here and there. Yet, after several years, students survived the hurdles and challenges that made them worthy enough to earn the much-awaited diploma.

CIIT Commencement Ceremony – Audrelene Janelle Paez, Valedictorian

A Message to Keep from the CIIT Commencement Ceremony

The ceremony would not be complete without an inspiring message that these graduates can remind themselves of before stepping up to a new level. This year, the man that revolutionized the recruitment system in the country, Paul Rivera, CEO and Founder of Kalibrr, graced us with the uplifting story of his humble beginnings and the life lessons he cultivated along the way before co-founding Kalibrr. “I’ve never spoken at a graduation ceremony before, but I’m super proud that the first one I have gotten the privilege of doing this is with a school whose mission I believe in. As an entrepreneur, practicing creativity and maximizing technology are essential in my daily life” Mr. Rivera noted.

A Message to Keep from the CIIT Commencement Ceremony

Below is an excerpt from Paul Rivera’s message:

“When you play a video game, you don’t know what the next level looks like until you meet the boss. Life is like a video game. Because I’ve taken this series of calculated risks, I’m on level 68. You might be on level 3 so I get to play a very different game. Like this game today (speaking on stage), than what most people do because I’ve been very deliberate of taking risks then unlock this different levels of life.  It always doesn’t mean it works out. So, don’t live a life without risk but don’t be careless with risk. Be smart about finding that opportunity that can 10x you into that real next level in life”

Recognition of Student Works and Service

CIIT Commencement Ceremony: Recognition of Student Works and Service

As one would expect, these graduates were also recognized for their hard work and determination to their studies. Some received an award for their excellence in service while the others bagged the highest award for their thesis submissions and projects. It was indeed a meritorious day for these awardees as well as to the family and friends who supported them all throughout.

To all our graduates, you are the pride and joy of CIIT. Always remember that we will always be behind you to support all your endeavors in pursuing your passion and finally achieving the goal you’ve worked for in college. Congratulations and remember, never stop to keep going because at CIIT #WeMakeBetter!


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