CIIT Acquaintance Party

Chilling Together in a Day to Remember: CIIT SHS Acquaintance Party 2018

Upon entering the wide hall of the Elements at Centris, one cannot help but notice the starry night atmosphere even when it was still broad daylight outside. The sparkling decorations on the stage were glistening, made even more stunning by the star and moon shaped balloons and cloud-shaped decorations hanging around the hall. The venue was transformed from a bare hall into a pajama party venue that nearly looks like an endearing large sleeping room for youngsters.

Blankets, pillows, balloons and stuffed toys were scattered around the hall. But what made the atmosphere more captivating was the presence of more than 300 students, from Grade 11 and 12, wearing sleepwear and onesies, like they were really attending a pajama party. The spacious area made it possible for them to roam around and socialize with friends and faculty members. Indeed, it was a day to chill out and get acquainted with the whole CIIT-SHS family. Thanks to the creative and fun idea of the Student Council who made all these possible.

What Made the Acquaintance Party Even More Fun?

CIIT Students unleashed their Talents during CIIT's Acquaintance Party

Other than the amusing and colorful theme of the party, the Student Council together with the Faculty members organized an entertaining program that showcases the talents of these young folks. The young and energetic hosts from Grade 11, Francheska Cahilig and Silvia Feliciano, excitedly announced the “open mic session” where the brave and confident students can show off their talents. On a pool of artistic and creative young people, it would be impossible not to get volunteer performers. True enough, the first half of the afternoon was filled with acoustic and acapella singing, spoken poetry and the like. Performed not just by the students but also from their incredibly talented teachers. Even though only a number of students get the chance to perform, everyone had fun singing together and jamming as they hear their favorite songs sang on stage.

CIIT Acquaintance Party Activities

CIIT Acquaintance Party Winners

The next half of the program spiced up the day as they played the famous “Bingo Game” that required everyone to stroll around, meet new schoolmates and take selfies with their teachers. It was followed by a raffle draw that gave some lucky students exciting prizes such as wireless headphone, wireless mouse, flash drive, gift certificates, coupons, and such. One of the students of Grade 11 Unity, Bianca Santos, even won three times receiving a wireless headphone, a Starbucks gift certificate, and store coupons!

By the end of the party, the students and teachers were still high spirited so they opted to take pictures with their new friends, classmates, and teachers to always remind them of this happy moment. Undoubtedly, this acquaintance party is a day to remember that paved the way to kick-start an even more vibrant school year for everyone.

Successful CIIT Acquaintance Party

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